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  1. Xhaos

    Xhaos Technologist

    Moderator Note: This thread was Thread of the Week #2.

    [FINAL UPDATE!!! JULY 2, 1:04PM SGT]

    - Player Profiles
    - Statistics
    - Recent Matches (aka Match History)

    [UPDATE JULY 1, 7:58 AM SGT]

    -Added Inbox System
    -Fixed some bloated text
    -Eyes in the recruitment list are less opaque and smaller


    Guild System Contents:

    -Recruitment List
    -Recruit Applications
    -Vice Captain + Member Privilege
    -Guild Streak

    Guild System
    I would like to address one unpolished thing that's overshadowed by other issues: Guilds.
    The guild system is kind of "wonky". It's very hard for players, especially new ones to find a guild that suits them best because there isn't much of a platform to see and navigate available guilds- besides the forums. There are many potential guilds out there that won't be reached that easily. The forum population is smaller compared to the actual in-game population. Also, some people might be hesitant in making guilds because you can't really predict how many people you may be able to reach out to.

    This may not be of top priority, but making it so much easier for one to navigate and search for a guild he or she is comfortable with- is awesome. It's good for the community; people- especially the newer ones can find other newbies and learn together. In this thread, I'll suggest a system together with illustrations that makes finding guilds and being in one- smoother.

    First of all, because this isn't of top priority- please assume the following:
    1. Players are now able to view other player's profiles- seeing their generic info such as trophies, wins, and etc.
    2. Players can select their "best role" in their profiles. This is relevant for finding guilds or teams.
    (visualized below)
    3. Rank has "meaning" again. Players now deserve to be in the tiers they actually belong to.


    There should be a recruitment list where players can see all of the recruiting guilds.
    The recruiting status can be toggled by the guild captain in the "Overview" tab.
    The only thing the recruiting status does is showcase your guild and its information for players to see and search in the recruitment list.

    You'll be given a pretty HUGE list of random guilds with their generic info and guild captain. You can choose to view these by pressing the EYE-con (laugh at my pun please). Guild captains can set up specific requirements like Skill Tier and Role which will be tackled later.

    You may notice the button "Satisfied Requirements". That button toggles between Satisfied Requirements and Any.
    Satisfied Requirements enables you to see ALL the guilds that you are able to APPLY. This means that it will show you a list of guilds whose requirements you satisfy. Invitations from Veterans or captains is no longer the only method of joining a guild- You may now APPLY for one.
    Some guilds require their members to have a third-party communication app, whether it be Line, Viber, Skype, Band, Discord- so on so forth. So now, you are able to scroll down a guild's "Overview" tab to see an "About" section. Here, you will see more specific rules and general information about a guild
    (If you don't satisfy a guild's requirements, you can still be invited by the guild captain.)

    The amount of guilds to choose from is still too much even if you satisfy their requirements- and that's what the Filter button is for! The filter button is the 3 horizontal bars in the upper-right of the Recruitment List. If you toggle on "Satisfied Requirements" and filter according to Majority Skill tier, Level and Members, you'll be able to find the guild that suits you best!
    (Button is toggled at "any" for illustration reasons)

    If you already know the guild name in mind, you can use the search button.

    In the guild info, the guild captain can see another tab called RECRUITS. Here, he will see the list of applicants with their generic information who applied for the guild. Waiting to be accepted or declined, you can choose to view their profiles by tapping their names. The filter button is also present in the tab, so you can sort the applicants by skill tier.
    Below the list of applicants, the guild captain can set up the guild requirements. He can issue Minimum Skill Tier and Preferred Role.

    Guild captains seem lonely when it comes to managing the guild. So, he can now appoint someone as Vice Captain to help him manage the guild. Vice Captains get fame bonuses too, but not as much as the Captain itself (Maybe 75%). Vice Captains CAN have similar privileges as the Captain.

    In the members tab, the guild captain will see a button called "Privileges" above the actual member list.
    When he taps "privileges", it opens a mini-window of options to toggle. There he can decide what veterans and the Vice Captain of the guild can do.

    Grinding guild exp with guildmates is a bit of a tedious task. Sure, it could be fun- but playing for so long and long should be rewarding. Each win in a casual or ranked match, you and your guildmates get 1 "guild streak" this is symbolized as a small star next to your name in the "Members" tab. Losing gives you half a star. Battle Royale does not give stars.
    For each star (with a maximum of 3) you are granted a percentage of additional guild EXP based on duration after a match. Each star lasts 45 minutes- this timer resets when you successfully enter a game WITH A GUILDMATE. The timer freezes during the game as well.

    Although Battle Royale does not give stars, It resets and freezes the timer.( BR also gives the additional guild EXP attained from the guild streaks.)

    If a guildmate with no stars plays with a member with 3 stars, he gets 1.5 stars per win and 1 star per loss.

    If a guildmate with no stars plays with 2 members with 3 stars, he gets 3 stars in a win and 1.5 stars per loss.

    This will encourage players to play with more of their guildies- spreading bonuses to each other. Because the additional exp from these stars are duration-based (win/lose doesn't matter), you can go ahead and chill in Battle Royale after you've gotten 3 stars.


    Inbox System Contents:
    -Inbox (duh)

    It's kind of inconvenient how someone has to be online AND your friend to be able to send them a message. This can also be a crucial addition that complements the guild system ABOVE. Especially for guilds with 3rd party apps, you'd need to communicate with them so you can exchange each other's information.

    The inbox is located at the "friends" section. The button is located above the "conversation" tab.
    When a red dot is at the top right corner of the button, it means you have unread mail. The inbox is a toggle button, so when you press it, it will open a "window" below it- moving all of your conversations downwards.
    There, you can see all of your read or unread mail. You can filter these as you like (by read/unread) by pressing the filter button next to the Inbox toggle.

    The big bold text is the subject of the message. Next to it is the sender and the time it was sent.
    Below the subject is a preview of the message.

    Pressing your mail, you can see its entirety in the right. The bold and the blue dot is removed- meaning that you have read/opened that mail.
    You can see at the bottom right (just below the message) Chat and Reply.
    "Chat" is transparent which means you can't press it because the player is offline OR you aren't his friend.
    If he is offline, you can simply choose to reply to him. In the upper right, you can see a "+" button. Press that to send that person a friend request. You can also press his name to view his profile. (COMING SOON)

    - Viewing Other Player's Profiles
    - Personal Statistics
    - "Recent Matches" / Match History

    Now, you are able to see other player's profiles! It's pretty simple. You can see their rank and trophies.You can send them a message, add them as friend, or even block them in the upper right corner.
    I've also included player statistics. Personally, I don't like the idea of people viewing other people's specific stats. I feel like it will spark toxicity within the community- maybe that's just me, but moving on:
    This is what your personal Overview will look like. Your preferred Role is below your name, and a "down" button is present in the lower left corner. You can find this beside your "WINS."
    Below, you will see your Match history and your specific stats. It doesn't matter if SEMC does not have the data for specific stats, It's the match history I want to showcase.
    So, you are shown a set of recent matches that you had for the day. It resets daily like the summer chest and daily wins. You can scroll the right to see the rest of your matches.

    The hero shown is what you used in that match. The color of the circle determines if you won or lost. Green means you won, red- otherwise. Below your hero is that match's duration. Then, the build, the K/D/A, creep score and total gold earned.

    Below everything is a "?"
    Pressing it will show you the players you played with in that match. Red= enemy, Blue=teammate.The word "recent matches" is replaced with Victory or Defeat. This is followed by when you had that match. The rest of your matches will become less opaque, as well.

    Next to the player's names are sword icons. Press these to know their K/D/A. (Illustrated in Fortress).
    You can view these player's profiles as well by clicking on their name.

    Below the match history, you will see your preferred role, total K/D/A and total playtime.
    You can change your preferred role by clicking on the button.
    3 buttons will appear signifying "Jungle, Lane, or Roam".

    You can't go picking any role and change it as you want like willy-nilly. There is an allowance of 2 weeks before you can switch your role preference.
    The button disappears, and you are shown a timer when you press the "?"
    Role preference doesn't really give a drastic impact- but it will help you in finding your guild/team.

    Lastly, total playtime. You will see 3 buttons below it. These buttons signify Minutes, Hours, and Days. The value that appears depends on which button you choose.

    There goes my suggestion on how to polish the guild system! (+ inbox and player profiles)
    I am finally FINISHED with my thread. Thank you for taking your time in reading this thread. I do apprecitate it!

    Wow! Moved to Feedback and Suggestions. ~Duet
    accidentally moved my final remarks in the middle of the thread. :(
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  2. Spicyfries

    Spicyfries Stormguard

    Hello everyone, I recently saw a thread written by @PatMaScian279 about Character Lines and searched in forum but could not find a FULL list. Thus I decided to go on and waste my time to create one.

    Here I will include all the lines that I can hear while exploring each character. Wherever I'm not sure a (?) follows and would appreciate correction. This is a work still in progress and even though some might see it as pointless its actually quite interesting! Hoping to complete this by the end of today or tomorrow at the latest.

    Also, I want to thank everyone for their input where I have missed out on! You are awesome, every single one of you has contributed a lot in the creation of this.

    Special thanks for @Storm for pushing this to get Sticky

    Samuel: (Credits to @MetaCrisis1337 ):

    There is salvation in the dark!
    Guilt, shame, regret, wastes of time.
    You should subscribe to my blog.
    I like my coffee black, like my soul.
    Your promises enslave you.
    What do you want, the truth?
    You have to be smart to get it.
    Just give in.
    Guilt is holding you back!
    I am very funny.
    You know I'm right!
    Let the chips fall.
    The fold would be better off without us.
    Come closer I have cookies...
    The truest evil is stupidity.
    Whoops! I'm all outta cookies.
    That's it. Embrace your anger.
    Battlegrounds, are playgrounds! Have fun.
    Do you wanna cuddle, or do you wanna go win this thing?
    This is as good for you as it is for me.
    Society is the mistake.
    Want me to kiss your boo-boos?
    All I see are shadow and lies.
    Just wasting time until the next apocalypse.
    Just give in...
    Doesn't matter which side I'm on. I'm gonna win.

    While using Malice and Verdict:

    Casting Drifting Dark:
    Oh, don't look up.
    Your pain heals me.

    When you invest your first point in Oblivion:
    Look who's come to play!

    Casting Oblivion:
    Sleep, tight.
    Look out below!
    Nap time!
    Look out below.

    Too, soon!
    Death it is.
    I've seen the end of war.
    Not Here! Not like this...

    Alpha: (Credits to @Masonrules9)

    I'm a monster
    I can feel it. I'm afraid.
    Orientation sequence hardware damaged
    Combatant sighted
    Warning citizens you are in danger please stay clear
    Identify yourself combatant
    Locating position. Location position. Locating, butter.
    Internal compass warped. Retrying.
    I won't! Please!! No more!!! Rebooting. Standby
    I can't stop! HELP!! System rebooting. Standby
    Initiating patrol mode
    Installing 54454d43( I think?)( pronounced fifty four, forty five, four D, forty three)
    What have I done!
    Caution citizens
    Sub-orbital re-entry initiated
    Error. Tap OK to continue
    Target detected. Engaging
    Target secured
    Loading map coordinates
    Locating. Locating. Potato
    Combatant sighted
    you are not l33t n00b (I think?)
    Target scan. Organic material. Risk, low
    Do not attempt to flee
    Area secured
    Sprint initiated
    Random numbers when dying( numbers heard: 0,1,3,4,5,8,9,10)
    Dead beef/grief
    I want more life
    Target found. Engaging.
    Rockets operational
    Control. Alt. Defeat
    Eradication sequence initiated
    Beep boop boop beep
    Where am i? What is all this?
    Why is everything blue?!?
    Halt! Display retina for scan.
    Mission: fiifiiiififind corn, yarn, garden. Storm guard.
    Do you wish to continue?
    Objective sighted. Dismantling.
    Subject identified, mimic enabled
    This is a plan of obselecence

    Ozo: (Credits to: @Magnus0)

    Ozo! Ozo! Ozo!
    I was born in a place like this, but MUCH more dangerous.
    Oh, it IS the year of me.
    I like it, let´s put a ring on it. (I see what you did there Ozo)
    Craving ? cheese right now.
    Let's find out a Kraken it's ticklish.
    They're lucky I'm only throwing a ring.
    Dare me to backflip of that turret?
    U mad?
    Taaatatadadadatatada pow! (the circus theme)
    Catch me if you can!
    Don't try this at home.
    Uh, ugh, twugh, aah, ouch, AAAH, ahoohou (some general moans he does when he takes damage)
    I could really go for some taco's.
    Okay, again. (death quote)
    ahaHAHAHa *gulp ahaha.
    Barrels are so 1981.
    What do I have to do to get kicked out of this place?
    What's for dinner?
    My eyebrows grow back fast.
    I see it, I do it.
    I'm not chicken, I'm no-ot chicken.
    I'm here, I'm here. No, I'm here.
    Let's roooll!
    I'm gonna try something.
    Can we talk this over?
    I wonder how many minions I can stack up.
    Uuuhueuu. *whispers* Why do I have to be Ozo? (death quote)
    I'm gonna get sooo much cred (or crap, I dunno) for this.
    Okey okey okey go,go go GO AAAAAAHH!!!
    That was rough, let's get a headcount.
    Whipoouut (death quote)
    I'll say sorry later.
    Redo (death quote)

    Reim: (Credits to: @lemonademaid)

    Let's get this over with.
    Ooh! My back! Ouch, argh!
    I came out of retirement for this?
    Here! Don't spend it all in one place.
    Watch out! Slippery slope.
    By the time you can beat me, you won't want to.
    You are not good enough.
    Nothing is easy.
    Let's play a game where you stop talking to me.
    Cold enough for you?
    I'll be glad when you're dead, you rascal, you.
    Give up! There's no shame in losing.
    Rotten weather today.
    If you can, kill me. If you can't, run!
    I like funerals, as long as they aren't mine.
    Ahh! Now this is my kind of weather.
    That's enough sass from you.
    Lemme check. Nope, not dead yet.
    Not so fast! I'm not 81 anymore!
    Meh, bushwa. (I don't think that word is English, but I don't know the spelling)

    Death quotes:
    *cough wheeze* I was mostly dead anyways *wheeze*
    I am errr *wheeze* in control!
    You did me a favour.


    Boots? Oakheart? Who cares, just pick something!
    Relationships are a waste of time
    I'm never wrong, i just get bad intel
    Don't step in that... I told youuu
    *Childish laughter turns into menacing laughter*
    Stay in your lane
    Welcome to my crosshairs
    One for you, one for you, and one for you (said kinda lazily, like she doesn't require a lot of effort)
    *Twang whistle thud, twang whistle thud*
    If you see me, it's too late
    That's enough
    One for you, one for you, and one for you (said kinda lazily, like she doesn't require a lot of effort)
    Twang whistle thud, twang whistle thud
    If you see me, it's too late
    That's enough
    I told you not to risk it (death quote)
    Never count on survival
    You didn't see me, I wasn't here
    Is that all? Really?
    I don't mind when people turn their backs on me
    Challenge, please
    Pump the brakes
    Oh look, there went my patience
    I like challenges, not risks
    Work harder
    I'm shy, but my bow is verrrry friendly
    I don't trust the living
    Spin in the wind, weathervane
    After you
    Give it a minute
    In my vocabulary, quiver is a noun
    That's enough
    Get in line
    Absolutely not
    You think it hurts now? Just wait
    It's called a skill shot, you should try it some time
    Trust is for people with bad aim

    I told you not to risk it

    Blackfeather: (Credits to @Jiinko)

    I use my cash on looking flash
    I have killed more people than you have met
    My blade is quick, but I never make it fast
    Mystery is my weapon, beauty is my shield
    My blade is fast, but I never make/made it quick
    Into... The jungle!
    Have you met Phinn?
    Stand and deliver!
    Have at you!
    Keep the gold, but your heart is mine
    I never claimed to be a gentleman
    I AM a man of taste
    Aaah-ha !
    I may be a frog, but I have a very sexy ribbit (the sound a frog makes)
    Zorro? You mean like the pro laner?
    Near is better than far, but it still isn't there.
    Have you see Melene around? Er, no reason.
    I have escaped through more than a few battle windows
    Huh !
    I may be a fraud, but I have a very sexy [...?]
    You're welcome
    No use resisting!
    I know what you're thinking - Ouch!
    In which way would you most like to die?
    Stabbing is so barbaric, I eviscerate (?)
    I once was... out of range
    There's nothing basic about my attacks
    Tell all of your [...] that I love them (when killed)
    I never follow behind. I am fashionabely late.
    Oh, you dare to question me?
    I am three moves ahead
    Life happens in the chase
    Ha !
    Do you get my point?
    No one can best me
    I managed that...twice!

    Phinn: (Credits to @JesusFreak)

    I wanna catch butterflies
    Slow down and smell the flowers
    I prefer to take my time
    Eraaaah (when using second ability)
    Hahahahaha, it tickles (when stunned)
    Something smells fishy
    grrrrrrmmmmmrrrrmmm rumbly(?)
    None of these merchants sell fish cakes
    I would love a good fish brownie
    Ready or not, here we are
    When is tea Time
    Mostly I'm guilty by association
    Slow and steady wins the race
    Pardon me, exuse me, pardon
    Everybody moove
    Lets rest awhile we can win later
    As long as I'm here i might as well kill you
    I'm mostly guilty by association

    Skye: (Credits to @Scapechild)

    Target Locked.
    It's just a walk in the park...I mean, the jungle.
    Radar Contact.
    Too close for missiles. I'm switching to guns.
    Light it up!
    Heh, KEEP running!
    I'm not happy unless I'm going mach 2 with my hair on fire!
    Keeping score?
    I'll push to the southeast
    Ya Suey!
    I LOVE it when you try to run away.
    It's time to buzz the turret.
    I KNOW what I'm doing.
    You push forward. I'll push to the sides!
    Learn respect!
    This is my idea of fun.
    Eat my vapour trails.
    Go. Go. Seen!
    No fear...of...death....(upon death)
    This doesn't end here...(upon death)

    Running from danger only brings it closer.
    The world is changing
    You won’t get past me
    All roads lead to the vain
    Take down the weak one!
    This battle is bigger than you
    I smell prey, this way
    The truth of the tooth
    These bushes are full of fleas
    Better to eat you with
    Run wild
    Each breath, strengthens me
    The Vain belongs to no one
    Get that looked at
    I’m the fortress
    I’ll run around the flank
    That’s going to leave a mark
    All falls to the churn
    My pack is always near
    The law of the claw
    How do you not smell that
    It is more difficult to create than destroy
    Speed of light, roar of thunder!
    Is that bacon
    Learn your place
    You may go no further
    Stay close!

    Walk ahead of me
    Sure, no time like the present
    Perhaps this is best
    This is so fun
    All according to my plan
    How rude, these fingers are normal for my kind
    They will flee before me
    Walking is so mundane
    Hihihi, sorry I was so distracted watching you flounder, but YES time to end you
    Are you, commanding me
    Unlike me you are entitled to nothing
    Jokes? You're supposed to be entertaining me!
    I'm half Elder Dragon and half kick-your-ass
    Each enemy a pawn, dreaming they are the king
    Sometimes you have to do it yourself
    Possibly now, all right yes
    Power needs never be boasted
    I’ll go easy on you
    Drifting on the Halcyon
    Beautiful things deserve to be cherished
    I’ll hold back its more entertaining that way

    I go where I’m needed
    I’ve a very particular set of skills
    Does anyone have a wrench? I gotta use the latrine.
    Nothing comes between me, and my children
    You don’t want to be on my bad side
    Get behind me
    I see you Julia
    You’re not going anywhere
    Is my liquid cooler busted again
    This fist, your face
    Overclocking was not the best idea
    Default settings are for amateurs
    Lets test these upgrades
    No mercy
    You can’t escape me
    Get off my lawn
    Save yourselves (when he dies)
    Real men box

    Just tell me which way they fled
    I’m the Stormguard, I’m your fortune and your despair
    By your direction
    Until your last breath
    Four Stormguard still walk this earth
    The sooner the better
    Button up? I don't need buttons. Buttons are for the weak/cowards.
    Its not me, it you
    Hm, not a problem
    Come on, hit back
    Of course
    Choose the first to fall
    Its not like they can escape
    Every step, sure footed
    Halcyon shimmers in my vains
    Hm, I’m not worried
    Ahahahahah that tickles
    An Aux/Arc/Off-shield only cuts through cowards
    Well three blades are better. What if you face three enemies? Surprise! Stabbing for everyone
    Please don’t run, just don’t

    I’m my own North Star
    It's peaceful without Vox around
    I really AM the center of the Universe
    Such pretty trees
    Yes, it hurt when I fell
    But who will take my place
    Star light star bright, bla bla bla lets attack something
    Huh, just here to overthrow a powerful Queen to avenger my Mother!
    I quite like pink
    Step into the light, the light is your friend
    Yeah, the speed of light should be just fast enough
    Oww, minions
    This is your World, but this is my Galaxy
    I wish I had a more peaceful reason to be here
    Wee, I look like a comet
    This is fun, I quite like peanut butter
    Bang, haha big bang
    Ah, ride the light like a breeze
    I could hide, but then you just wouldn’t see me
    I seem to have dropped a little, thermo nuclear reactor
    Does it burn
    There they are

    Always the hunt
    Your cowardice is sweet to me
    Hm, as you suggest
    Your bones will make for good powder
    Their fear is making me hungry
    You're worth more dead.
    The funny thing is I would do this for free.
    First time I triggered this axe I ended up in a lake, water is the worst
    Hm? My rocket powered axe thing? I didn't think it would work either!
    I smell blood
    Cut through bone
    Haha, I can track them by their fear
    An acceptable trophy
    It’s a beautiful day
    Ha, barely requires effort
    Never rest
    If only fortune or glory, I will always choose fortune
    Feel the hopelessness
    Your mother bears a striking resemblance to... The Kraken. Has anyone ever told you that?


    Ok, but lets run faster
    How often do you come to this playground?
    Hm, has anyone seen my pants
    Great idea
    Untz untz ah ah untz untz ah ah, meow, yeah!
    Lets play
    This is going to be so good
    Off we go
    I wanna play!
    Uuuu, shiny
    Tag, you’re it
    Wait lets go this way
    They hide I seek, its how it should be
    They’ll never never ever, see me coming
    There is playing to be done
    If I kill you, can we still be friends
    Oh, I think I broke my new toy
    What's a Vain Crystal
    You can't catch me, I'm made of gingerbread
    Alright, let's go
    Them catching me? Huh, that's funny.


    If only machines could feel sorry for people
    Easier than walking
    See my new sword
    Oh! I wonder if this thing comes in red
    *Gasp* no breaks
    Eat steel
    Whats over there?
    Phew, anywhere is better than the lower quarter.
    I’m getting the hang of this, I think
    Walk command, entered
    I’m all kinds of deadly
    Yep, got it
    Oh ya, this is fun
    Hm, better watch my step
    So far, so good
    So this is what its like to be the bully
    Coming through
    No freaking way
    Go mechy go
    I can get used to this
    What?! You never seen a street kid riding a top-secret, military-grade, walking death machine before? You must live in a hole.
    Well, now that I pulled this off, I gotta start dreaming bigger. Hm.


    You get used to it after a while.
    Rest, it never comes
    Its like pulling of a bandage, just gotta do it fast
    I will tear you from this world
    Never rest, always restless
    No peace for you, or me
    Gaaah, you nag me enough
    Your soul will be emptied
    Bring me to the living
    Let me escort you beyond the veil
    I have suffered enough
    Goodness is just make believe
    Halcyon compels me
    Well, yes it does hurt
    This was your mistake
    I cannot breathe
    Oh it is but a flesh wound
    Enter the horror

    Ringo: (He talks a lot, definitely not sober..)

    Hahaha, oohh
    I’ll take a chance
    Wait, let me take a quick sip
    This is a sure shot
    What's in the gourd? My drink. Makes me popular with the ladies. Gets them all warmed up.
    Whoops! Almost spilled my drink
    I can do this all day
    6 through the bulls-eye
    I see, three of them, meh I will shoot all three
    By the way, I have a gun
    Well if it has to be done
    I can't understand why everyone says I should put on shoes for this?
    What, I most certainly am sober, lets go shoot some stuff
    Hurry, I gotta get back to the Undersprawl
    Oh, I can’t wait
    What? Over there? Are you sure?
    This brew is making me belch flame, hey I can use that
    I can hit that thing, and that other thing, at the same time from here
    It's always the same. They claim I cheated, I said they smelled like stinky cheese, they pulled a knife, I pulled a gun... you know how it ends.
    Its not a pony-tail, its like a reverse pony-tail, man I don’t know I gotta keep my hair out of my face for shooting. Leave me alone!
    Ha, I don’t miss
    You know, shooting is some thirsty work
    Is there a point to all this
    Might as well be shootin' tin cans
    This is a sure shot.
    Ah, let me catch my breath.
    Heh heh heh ha, aahhhhh
    Uhh uhh uhh, Ha!

    Skaarf: (Credits to @AnniHikari)

    Skaarf: Rawrwarw
    Skaarf: Hrarhaghrr
    Skaarf: Rwharwrhr
    Skaarf: Rhearhaaw
    Skaarf: Arhrahgrrh
    Skaarf: Rawrwarw
    Skaarf: Hrarhaghrr
    Skaarf: Rwharwrhr
    Skaarf: Rhearhaaw
    Skaarf: Arhrahgrrh
    Skaarf: Rawrwarw
    Skaarf: Hrarhaghrr
    Skaarf: Rwharwrhr
    Skaarf: Rhearhaaw
    Skaarf: Arhrahgrrh

    Vox: (Credits to @Storm)

    Where's the after party?
    It's about time I got famous.
    I can't find an outlet anywhere.
    I'm so underground
    I'll beat them to it.
    Why are we always running?
    I never run from a fight.
    I'm feeling so crazy right now.
    Did you know if you yell into a minion's mouth that it echoes?
    Nothing but originals.
    Let's mix it up.
    My sister should be around here somewhere.
    Here we go.
    Aw, that hurts!
    Hey! Quit it!
    It's like they don't know we're gonna win.
    Are you hearing this?
    Well then, bring it!
    I'm so underground
    Turn it up to eleven!
    Let's go, gotta wrap this up.
    These guys are waaaay too into these crystal things.
    And the hits keep coming.
    Break beats, break necks.
    Muuuute! (when he dies)

    SAW: (Credits to @Storm)
    Now time to bleed.
    Hey, cover me!
    You talk too much.
    This better not be a trap.
    Where's the crouch button?
    How does it feel love?
    Huhuh (grunt)
    Bloody hell.
    Here comes the pain.
    Got it?
    From the belly of a dreadnought.
    I can make it.
    You're in the danger zone.
    There's no other choice.
    Bullets for breakfast.
    Bloody fast mover.
    They'll run.
    Come on!
    Ha, let's do this!
    I'm gonna reach you up.
    Coming through!

    Do I look mysterious
    Lets take a walk down memory lane, but with knives
    I thought we were besties
    Why am I running if I can do that somersault thing
    Wait, have I killed you before
    Once I tried to juggle three blades and a minion, it didn't end well for the minion
    Meh, whatever
    I can't find my keys
    Blood everywhere
    Lets provoke a team fight
    You are adorable
    I was never here
    Its time for you to panic
    Blink and I’m gone
    Crazy deja-vu
    Tell your mom to stop calling me
    It takes me 40 minutes to get dressed! And you thought paper-cuts were bad.
    Off we go
    A for effort buddy
    So this mission is a death trap, great
    You, egh, stupidface
    It slices it dices, it cuts throught tin cans

    Rona: (Credits to @Magnus0)

    "North is always forward."
    "Nhahaha! let's find something good."
    "We must take things, as we fight them." (not really sure on this one)
    "Hey, I know where I'm going."
    "What do you mean calm down, I AM CALM!"
    "We all start out as children."
    "Forward, said the grandmother in the snow."
    "Too much wandering, where are we going?"
    "Ugh, It's so hot out here."
    "I crossed the donkey bridge."
    "I will remove your nose through your belly button!"
    "Hahahaha (evil laughter)"
    "Bottle" (?)
    "I am in control of my anger, hmmm, my anger does not control me."
    "Who took my scout trap? WHO TOOK MY... oh, there it is."
    "Never walk ahead of your ax."
    "Ughh, how do you fight in this heat!?"
    "Huaagh!" (when using an ability)
    "All good things, are two sharp blades" (Taka agrees on this)
    "Stand and fight!"
    "Your inside will be your outside!"
    "Where is the ancient power breath? Take me to it."
    "You southerners look funny."
    "What? How did that happen?"
    "Silly tree."
    "You? Back again?"
    "Immense gold payou... (oh wait, that's the announcer)
    "My lack (or luck?), comes from iron."
    "No pain, no vain"
    "Big deeds... never die." (death quote)
    "I will please my axes with your fat."
    "I will pull your brain, out your nose."
    "There will always be splatter, when water is red" (?)
    "Ugh, the brave... live... forever." (death quote)
    "I'm swinging THESE, just don't walk into them!

    Petal: (Credits to @oddbob65)

    Now I'm fertiliser..!
    Wait, lemme plant something first!
    Someone's gonna get some pollen in the eye!
    Now tell me the truth, do my pets look like onions?
    I never fear; I grow my own courage!
    Is there.. Darkness this way?
    Im not small! I'm just sitting down!
    From earth we sprout, for earth we fight
    Im wearing mergul
    Im Out gathering sunbeams
    Traveling in style
    Someones gonna get some pollen in there eye
    Lets give chase
    Its not a stamen it’s a sprout
    Ahh I wish I didn’t have to do this
    I bet they will underestimate me
    Tentacle tripod, it's a lotus throne people.
    Watch shadows melt in sunlight
    Oh why we going to plant something?
    Wish I didn’t have to do this
    This is gonna be great
    That gonna leave a mark
    I'll light up your life
    Sparkle pow
    Oh you like my hat?? Its new, swanky yeah
    Don’t blame me my pets have minds of their own

    *Nota Moderatorum: We're continuing the Character Lines list in a new thread! Follow this link to see more hero quotes: http://forums.vainglorygame.com/index.php?threads/136611/ *
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  3. wailmer

    wailmer Stormguard

    (Update 12/05/2016, patch 1.24)
    Congrats to Phoenix Armada! Not just the World Champions but easily the best team in the world. What's amazing to me is that Phoenix Armada also completely dominates their region. They didn't just settle for winning, but pushed their level of play to an apex in the presence of no rivals. That takes true dedication, discipline, and commitment. What's more, we witnessed Willy (and a Roam at that!) that is arguably the best player in the world, even in comparison to his teammate Druid.

    How did they do it? A huge focus on 1. Early game pressure through clear + mobility. 2. Kits that combo. 3. The best rotations in the game. 4. The most crisp shotcalling and reactions in the game. I said I wouldn't update again before the year ended, but after watching the Worlds, I had to bring you guys... Tier List: 2016 World Championship Edition.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

    S Tier Consistently Picked or Banned / Outperforms in High ELO
    [​IMG] Lyra Lyra Lyra, kit on fiyah.
    +[CC Utility] Lyra's Perk -> mini-Shiversteel. Imperial Sigil -> mini-War Treads (bye Fortress). Bright Bulwark -> abruptly stops 'Dash' abilities like some Gauntlet + Goop hybrid (bye Ardan). With a kit that supersedes the staple mechanic of so many other heroes/items, it is easy to see how her kit consistently outperforms.
    +[Flex Pick] Much like Adagio, Lyra offers the option of CP Carry or Backline Support, making her difficult to handle in Draft. Try pairing Roam Lyra with Krul or Saw.
    - [Extra Squishy] Lyra is the squishiest hero in the game and has 'stepped' damage. If you have an opening to trade burst damage, take it and run with it. But don't fail; she'll heal her team and turn the fight.
    - [Burst + Blocks + Extra Mobility] Extending from above, the effects of Bulwark can actually be blocked and you can follow her through Arcane Passage. Experiment with War Treads and multiple sources of mobility.
    =[In This Patch] Not just the most impactful Roam but the most impactful hero of this patch. Highest winrate in high ELO and in the Worlds along with Koshka.

    [​IMG] Koshka ArrowUpGreen-16x16.png You hide, I'll seek!
    +[In-and-Out Assassin Mobility] Intense pressure on early-mid game with mobility and damage through Pounce, Twirly Death, and her Heroic Perk. With the +2 Move Speed buff, she is able to constantly skirmish and decide whether to flee an engagement (ideal to steal Jungle camps).
    +[Early-Mid Game] Little in energy concerns and relatively easy to generate effective results. Hits a nice power spike in mid-game in both mobility and damage that often leads to Jungle snowballs.
    - [End Game, Counters: Mitigate Empowered Damage, Block Ultimate] Huge drop off in value when Yummy Catnip Frenzy is blocked and her upfront stats are out-scaled by other heroes. The bulk of her damage comes from the two empowered attacks she gets after Twirly Death.
    =[In This Patch] What a surprise! No drop-off to be found. Immense early game pressure facilitates rotations to win in high ELO. Now an almost instant ban/pick post Worlds.

    [​IMG] Lance ArrowUpGreen-16x16.png I like to Lance... a lot. Huehuehue.
    +[Reach and Initiation] Even though Lance is 'melee', his hit box is long and can hit multiple targets. With the lunging CC initiator Impale (145% WP ratio) into a Gythian Wall, this opens up some interesting offensive possibilities.
    +[Base Stats, Frontline Protector] Second only to Phinn, Lance has extremely high eHP stats. Coupled with Gythian directional damage reduction, this makes for one tanky knight. Using his low CD abilities and the ability to roll around like a Russian gymnast in a full coat of plate armor, Lance excels at protecting his carries.
    - [Fights in the Open] While Lance has few weaknesses, he will heavily lose impact in a fight if he's unable to use Gythian Wall effectively. Avoiding walls means Lance loses the stun on his B. Likewise, Long-ranged heroes such as Skaarf or Celeste can Poke the team down while avoiding A initiation.
    =[In This Patch] As shown many times throughout the tournament, once Lyra is off the board, Lance has a clear advantage over Ardan and just generates wins. Particularly good as an A-side first draft to keep B-side guessing as to what to do.

    [​IMG] Celeste Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Solar Storm about to steal Kraken.
    +[Zoning] Top level zoning with long range Heliogenesis and a Heroic Perk to grant vision. Disrupts standoffs between opposing teams with Nova poke damage.
    +[CP AoE Damage] Global ultimate, Heliogenesis, and Core Collapse produce high AoE damage mid to late game.
    - [Counter: Mobility, Squishy] Poor ability to rotate safely in early jungle with short range, squishiness, and lack of mobility. Late game, use strats that dive and burst.
    - [High Skill Cap] Requires immaculate prediction and skill shots to fulfill potential. Win or loss is often in the placement of one Core Collapse.
    =[In This Patch] A pure skillshot hero, Celeste's potential damage output is likely the highest of all heroes.

    [​IMG] Kestrel Pew pew.
    + [Poke and Snipe, Early Game] Plays Poker, likes Pokemon, and eats Poke bowls. Glimmershot and One-Shot-One-Kill will either chunk you locally or snipe you globally. Very strong in early jungle rotations.
    + [Stealth Mode] Like Taka, Kestrel has the option to disengage but with an added threat of an AoE stun.
    - [4 and Done, Dives] With only four arrows in her quiver at a time, she becomes elf meat after unleashing her payload. It also takes time for her to fire all four, so a good coordinated dive can quickly eliminate her.
    - [Counter: Body Block, Catherine] Put a tanky hero between her and your carry to absorb the bulk WP portion of her arrows to stop an ultimate from taking down a teammate.
    =[In This Patch] Close to 100% Ban/Pick rate, but not necessarily the best winrate. Lost some niche value due to parity with WP Gwen.

    [​IMG] Gwen ArrowUpGreen-16x16.png Y'all reckon I have an Ace up my sleeve?

    +[Skirmishing] Amazing at choosing her spots and whittling down a target at max range. Her Boomstick Perk makes spaced-out WP shots effective and helps her transition into the mid-game with perfect CS. But the real star of her kit is Buckshot Bonanza, an AoE cone with 210% CP Ratio that slows, is long ranged, and virtually unblockable. .
    +[An Extra Pair of Boots and Block] Effectively an extra Boots active and Reflex Block on a low CD, Skedaddle allows Gwen to more freely move in and out with than other Carries.
    - [Burst Damage Trade + Multiple Gap Closers] Due to the stepped nature of her damage, Gwen's biggest fear is an enemy that can gap close and live through her damage output such as Blackfeather or Alpha. Often in these scenarios, if she can't run around and escape effectively, the stun on Aces High is her only saving grace.
    - [Early Game] Gwen is squishy and her early damage trade is below average. Her CP build is dreadful at pushing early lane and only hits a power spike at level 8 when she overdrives Buckshot Bonanza (a 5sec CD!).
    =[In This Patch] IMO, the biggest surprise! WP Gwen was nowhere to be found before the tournament in NA. Her ability to open with a chunk of damage and WP Base damage on A and C really kick start Breaking Point stacks. With a Stun, more mobility, and a free escape button, by and far one of the best WP Lane options.

    A Tier Consistently Outperforms / Rarely Banned
    [​IMG] Samuel down_arrow.png This is my happy face.

    +[Ranged Kiting and Zoning] Samuel operates around the empowered ranged damage and mobility boost from using Malice & Verdict within Drifting Dark. The distance and ticks of damage can become frustrating to deal with, especially when used with items like Frostburn and Broken Myth.
    - [Predictability, Squishy, Mobility] Samuel's kit is fairly straightforward. He will kite you at a distance and his intended direction is given away by Drifting Dark. His build path is fairly singular and you can counter with Shield preemptively. While Oblivion sounds scary and can lead to some super combos (Adagio Verse of Judgement!), it's telegraphed and should be blocked or dodged.
    - [Counter: Drifting Dark Downtime] Look to bait DD out and then gap close. When Drifting Dark is down, Samuel has neither good damage nor mobility.
    =[In This Patch] Nerfs brought Samuel down to earth but Samuel's stream of empowered shots is still problematic when in conjunction with peel or another ranged carry. The difference between Samuel and other ranged zoning heroes? His power output begins at level 2.

    [​IMG] Flicker *NEWCOMER* Now you see me, now you don't.

    + [Hide and Go Seek] A lot of stealth. Flicker gains stealth in bushes and can stealth his entire team for covert initiations and operations.
    + [Massive Slow] Much of Flicker's kit takes a backseat to the power of the 40-70% AoE slow of Fairy Dust. It must be anticipated, or it will be used as a lockdown initiation or lockdown of aggressing heroes.
    - [Counter: Vision] The trick to stopping a magician? Never let him disappear. With ample vision, much of Flicker's early-mid strength is truncated.
    - [Endgame?] Endgame situations usually consist of sufficient vision and Flicker is reduced to his slow and speed boost on C.
    =[In This Patch] While definitely strong (mostly due to the massive slow), Flicker wasn't showcased as much as predicted at Worlds. He lacks some endgame strength and a clear escape if vision is established.

    [​IMG] Skaarf Like lighting a match in a Taco Bell bathroom.
    + [Ranged CP, Mid-End Game] Mid-end game CP damage from Fan the Flames, Spitfire, and Goop must be respected. Spitfire is the longest spammable skill in game.
    + [Objective Clear] One of the best choices to takedown Turrets and Minion Objectives.
    - [Mobility, Squishy] Reliant on boot tactics as Goop provides little in the way of escape.
    - [Counter: Skill CDs] Dive on Skaarf after a missed Spitfire or Goop. Run a circle around Skaarf when he does Dragon Breath.
    =[In This Patch] While Skaarf lags behind Celeste a bit in consistent output, at times he is the better pick because of the ability to work around his Goop, such as drafting into Blackfeather.

    [​IMG] Adagio Half Elder Dragon but ALL fabulous.
    +[Flex Pick] Versatile Hero and good flex pick in Draft formats as either CP carry or Backline Support. Early game is able to push back opposing Laners with range and replenish both HP and mana to win early prolonged engagements.
    +[Buff + Sustain Comps] Agent of Wrath is the primary damage boost skill featured in buff comps with heroes like Vox, Saw, and Ringo. Meanwhile, Adagio has Gift of Fire to AoE DoT damage, heal, and a slow while Verse of Judgement can initiate or potentially stun an entire team.
    - [Counter: Mobility] Lacks mobility and GoF is not a reliable defensive escape.
    - [Single Target 'Stepped' Damage, Dependent on AoW CD and GoF Burn] Stepped damage can lag behind the burst or AoE potential of other carries. Furthermore, look to take advantage of Adagio when his burning misses or buff CD is down.
    =[In This Patch] Great in conjunction with a clear Gift of Fire target like Flicker or Ozo. Showcased a few times in Worlds as Roam with early game Koshka.

    [​IMG] Ardan ArrowUpGreen-16x16.png Sheds manly tears when a dog, sophisticated lady, emo elf, or Godzilla are picked over him as Support. Lance is ok.
    +[Team Sustain + Mobility] Healing from Julia's gift, pinball mobility with the swiss-army knife Vanguard (HP barrier, escape, AoE damage, slap-ass boost of speed, and slow all-in-one) provide top-level sustain and movement.
    +[Damage Trades] Wins prolonged damage trades over other Roamers at most parts of the game using a gap-closing Blood for Blood. Gauntlet punishes opposing teams without Blocks as an initiator, separator, team escape, pre-emptive barrier, or a flashy leap over walls.
    - [Impact] Lacks the combo strength of a Cath or Phinn or the impact of an Adagio or Fortress. Extremely significant in endgame when 1 or 2 engagements can determine the winner of the game.
    =[In This Patch] Sometimes lacks the endgame impact of other Roamers but remains the best choice for backpedaling tactics while keeping your Carry alive.

    [​IMG] Ozo Join me on a journey to the west!
    +[Early Game, Base Stats] At the top of effective base stats, Ozo is a hero you want to fight often and early with. Abuse Three Ring Circus with items like Aftershock, Alternating Current, and Tension Bow.
    +[Sustain] Like Phinn, Ozo has an interesting perk that enhances his sustain. Partner him sustain sources like Adagio, Fortress, Phinn, or Lyra and use items like Fountain and Blocks (and Potions!) to watch him go Super Saiyan.
    - [Sitting Duck Crying Monkey, Late Game] In advanced matches, teams will focus Ozo down during Acrobounce (which deals the largest of damage on the last bounce) and block Bangarang, leaving him to be a three-ring circus clown.
    =[In This Patch] We didn't get to see OP Ozo, but Ozo (behind closed doors), is still one of the best kept secrets of high ELO players.

    [​IMG] Taka ArrowUpGreen-16x16.png Great at opening cans or stealing cookies.
    +[Burst Assassin, Mid Game] Pervasive burst KO threat and minion stealer. Hits a big power spike once his ultimate is unlocked at level 6.
    +[Slippery Mobility, 'Wildcard' Hero] Fast and slippery, Taka can constantly be a menace and give a less organized team a chance to steal the game. With sharp reaction, use Kaiten to dodge CC skills like Celeste's Core Collapse or even nullify damage from ultimates.
    - [Counter: Vision, Coordination] Well-placed Wision and team coordination tend to suffocate Taka's advantages.
    - [End Game, Solo Act] Falls off when mid-game advantage is not secured. Taka usually does not have Ki stacks up in endgame standoffs and thus usually predictably leads with X-Retsu. Like Krul, somewhat lacking in team utility other than just bursting down one target.
    =[In This Patch] Taka's synergy with Stormcrown and CD reduction continues to be problematic, but he's become a little less reliable in the face of other early game heroes.
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  4. zeogau

    zeogau Technologist

    Credit goes to @Hensgrëj for helping me organizing the link in a readable format.

    Added 2.12.

    I tried to find it but couldn't find...
    Let me know if this is a repost

    Update 1.1.0 is actually 1.0.14

    1.0.3: Let's Be Friends.
    1.0.4: All About You.
    1.0.5: Making Life Easier.
    1.0.6: A New Game Name & Big Milestones.
    1.0.7: Maintenance & More.
    1.0.8: Making Smarter Matches.
    1.0.9: Join Forces. Control Your Fate.
    1.0.10: Strength in Numbers.
    1.0.11: Surrender to the Mighty.
    1.0.12: Krul is Here!
    1.0.13: Enter the Academy.

    1.1.0: Joule & So Much More.
    1.1.1: Assists FTW!
    1.1.2: Taka Joins the Fold!
    1.1.3: Europe Joins the Fold!
    1.1.4: One Step Closer...
    1.1.5: Fire in the Fold.
    1.1.6: Japan and Korea on the Horizon.
    1.1.7: Ardan Update. Throw Down the Gauntlet!

    1.2: Celeste Update. Oh, My Stars!
    1.3: Vox Update. The Family Unites.
    1.4: The Skins Update. Three Tiers of Awesome.

    1.5: Fortress Update. Attack of the Pack!
    1.6: Rona Update. Axes & Card Packs.
    1.7: The 'Player Love' Patch.
    1.8: Skye Arrives!
    HotFix: Stormguard Banner and Turret Madness End.
    1.9: Phinn Update. The Seasons Turn.
    HotFix: Vox.
    1.10: Guild Rewards, Celeste Skin, and More.
    1.11: Blackfeather Update. Who's Got Next!
    1.12: Kestrel Update. Gift-Wrapped Just For You.
    HotFix 1.12: Petal's Perk and Skye's Suri Strike.
    1.13: Reim Update. Winter Chills.
    Undisclosed 1.13 Patch Notes by BrokenMyth.net
    Pre 1.14 Draft Mode Coming
    Pre 1.14 Winter Jungle Changes
    Pre 1.14 Ozo abilities reveal
    1.14: Lunar New Year Update. Year of the Monkey.
    Draft Phases explained.
    1.15: Shadows Empower Me.

    1.16: Spring Update / Alpha Update
    1.17: Battle Royale Update
    1.18: Lance Update. Quests Introduced.
    Pre 1.19 Summer Party Preview.
    Pre 1.19 Summer Preview.
    1.19: Lyra Update. Summer Beach Party. Sunlight Rewards.
    HotFix 1.19: Lyra, Ambient Gold, Bugs.
    1.20: Enter The Bots

    HotFix 1.20: Lance Changes Reverted.
    Pre 1.21: Samuel Ability Reveal.
    1.21: Samuel, a dark mage hero arrives.
    1.22: Baron, Opals, and Autumn season arrive.

    Pre 1.23: Gwen: Ability Reveal.
    Pre 1.23: Turrets Explained.
    1.23: Gwen blasts her way into autumn.
    HotFix 1.23: Nerfing Kestrel.
    Pre 1.24: Flicker Ability Reveal.
    Pre 1.24: Record, Stream, and Replay.
    1.24: Flicker Notes

    Pre 2.0: Mystery Chest
    Pre 2.0: Guild Revamp
    Pre 2.0: Four BIG news on 2.0 and 2017
    Pre 2.0: The Captain, Carry, and Jungler
    Pre 2.0: World's Keynote
    Pre 2.0: Idris Revealed
    2.0: Idris Out: Anything Can Happen
    Pre 2.1: BLITZ Beta
    Pre 2.1: Update Preview Video
    2.1: BLITZ Mode Beta
    Pre 2.2: GrumpJaw Reveal
    2.2: Grumpjaw NOM NOM
    2.3: Charms and Passes
    2.4: BAPTISTE will reap you souls
    2.5: Introducing TALENTS
    2.6: Paladin Grace and Communication
    2.7: Assassin Reza and Glory Refund!
    2.8: Autumn Comes. Spellsword and Healing Flask.
    2.9: Churnwalker, SpellFire, Dragon's Eye, and Crystal Item Rework.
    2.10: Lorelai. Make Enemies into Fish Pond.
    2.11: Varya, an electric Valkrie and ONSLAUGHT. Spotlights [ Varya, Onslaught ].
    Pre 2.12: Look Ahead!
    Pre 2.12: UI Revamp!
    Pre 2.12: Skin System Revamp! Blueprint!
    2.12: Early 5v5 Access.

    3.0: 5v5 !!!
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  5. PlayoffBeard

    PlayoffBeard Vainglory Developer Super Evil Megacorp

    For just the facts, scroll down to the orange "Here's what we're doing" header.

    Hello players,

    We recently ran the first in a series of special Night Shadow Taka card events. And while this event was a huge success, it was marred by an unintentional bug that some players exploited to get far more Taka legendary cards than intended. These exploiting players then used all these extra legendaries to unlock the Taka skin early or to destroy for Essence and unlock other skins.

    Lots of players expressed frustration or dismay with this exploit — especially all those players who supported Vainglory by unlocking the limited-edition Taka skin with ICE right away or by using ICE to get cards from the special Taka legendary ICE Box. We heard loud and clear that this “wasn’t fair,” and we heard those players wondering why Super Evil was so silent on this topic, especially when I’m usually such a windbag.

    The bottom line is we didn’t want to make a statement before we had something constructive to say. Simply saying “too bad” or “yeah, we noticed,” would have only increased levels of frustration. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, our engineers have been doing intense forensics on what happened that weekend to see what could be done about it. That investigation is now complete, and we’re prepared to announce the steps we’re taking to make this right.


    1. We are removing all "ill-gotten" Taka cards from the system, including any progress made by using those cards. For example, if a player got 60 Taka legendary cards from the exploit, destroyed them and crafted cards to complete a Tier III Ardan skin, that's all getting rolled back to how it was before the exploit happened. Of course, any legitimate progress made (including other Spoils of War cards, legit card box pulls, etc.) will stay! This should not impact anything unrelated to the exploit.

    2. Players who participated in the event and earned Taka cards (but who did not participate in the exploit) will be given an extra two Taka legendary cards as a "thank you" from us. You may use these cards however you like, whether that’s progress toward Night Shadow Taka or destroying the cards for Essence and using it to work on other skins.

    3. Players who spent ICE to buy the Night Shadow Taka skin outright will receive a special additional “thank you” gift of 1200 ICE. We really appreciate your early support and enthusiasm for the game (and for Taka)!

    4. Players who pulled cards from the special legendary Taka ICE Box will receive an ICE gift equal to 1/3 of the ICE spent on cards, up to a maximum of 1200 ICE. Your support means the world to us, as well!

    We sincerely hope these gestures — both gifts and rollbacks — show how much we care about the Vainglory Community and how committed we are to doing right by our players. The vast majority of you did not exploit the system and then felt punished for good behavior, so we really wanted to make sure to go the extra mile to reward those who made positive contributions.

    I have one request to all players receiving gifts based on the criteria above: If you benefit from these corrective actions, please do not brag about it or “hold it over” those who had exploits rolled back. Remember how bad it felt when they had the thing you didn’t. Let’s not repeat that in reverse. And to all those who took advantage of the exploit: Yeah, we messed this up. We understand you just took advantage of the situation we presented. And the bottom line is: We need to do better and not create those situations in the first place. But no one was supposed to get more than two Taka legendary cards per weekend and this exploit sent everything topsy-turvy, so we had to roll it back. Just to be clear: No one is being punished. Nothing will be touched that wasn’t directly gained through the Taka exploit. We’re just restoring things to their natural state.

    At the end of the day, we’re really encouraged by the excitement for the Taka card events — and for the amazing Night Shadow Taka skin. We’ve been listening closely to your feedback for what you wanted in a limited-edition special skin, and we hope you’re as happy as we are with what Chainsaw and the team created.

    The best news of all is there are MANY more fun events on the way as part of our Spring season celebration, and many more incredible skins in the works. Stay tuned for more information soon on all the events we have planned for Spring, and keep playing every weekend throughout Update 1.15 to collect more Taka legendary cards during the remaining Night Shadow Taka card events!

    Thanks for reading this long message. Thanks for supporting the game. And as always, thanks for your patience as we grow, evolve and improve Vainglory together with you.

    —PlayoffBeard & team
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  6. taxitisamba

    taxitisamba River Troll

    VainGlory-Ardan VS Glaive-by changzhanbo(taxitisamba)1920.jpg
    I love this game,so I painted a picture for Ardan VS Glaive .Here add full Image for fan,for VainGlory.
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  7. doer

    doer Vainglory Developer Super Evil Megacorp

    The Vainglory team is humbled and honored to have been awarded two IMGAs tonight!

    -Best Technical Achievement

    -People's Choice

    Congratulations to the whole team, and all of our players who keep this game moving!! Thank you!!!
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  8. WOWsomuchwin

    WOWsomuchwin Grangor

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  9. Willie

    Willie River Troll

    Poison Petal
    Poison Patel.jpg

    Full-Armor Catherine
    Full-Armor Catherine.jpg

    Update: 4/19/2015

    Samurai Krul
    Cosmo Princess Celeste
    Cosmo princess-celeste.jpg

    Update: 4/21/2015

    Student President Taka
    Student Taka.jpg

    Ancient Glaive
    Ancient Glaive.jpg

    Update: 4/26/2015

    Devil Hunter Ringo
    Devil Hunter Ringo.jpg
    DMC was my favorite game when I was in high school
    You can totally see the influence from the game on this western style Ringo :p
    And I feel that he should look more badass since his attack is really hurt!

    Hellish Adagio
    Hellish Adagio.jpg
    It's just my style of Adagio! When I first saw this hero I already wish that he's ganna have a skin look like this.

    Sorry guys I just started working recently, so less time to do more skin...
    This one took me long time to render. Still need to practice my computer render more...:confused:
    I hope you like it:)

    Bunny Joule
    Bunny Joule.jpg
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  10. Takuya

    Takuya Stormguard

    Custom Image1.jpg Custom Image2.jpg Custom Image3.jpg Custom Image5.jpg

    Awesome thread btw, made me laugh xD
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  11. JiaJem

    JiaJem Gythian

    (Old) Moderator Note: Every week we bring you one outstanding thread as your Thread of the Week. This time around, we thought that @JiaJem's very meticulous cosplay thread fit the bill. Congratulations!

    Hello, I'm an American cosplayer making a Lyra costume to go to Gamescom 2016 in Cologne, Germany in 2 weeks! (OH MY GOD I ONLY HAVE 2 WEEKS TO FINISH THIS.) I'm going to be posting progress pics of what I've done so far and post a bit hopefully every day as I complete them. Is anyone here going to Gamescom? Vainglory will be there! Find me and the booth and say hallo! Any questions about cosplay? I LOVE COSPLAY. LET'S TALK ABOUT COSPLAY.
    I've been cosplaying for over a decade. Some crap:
    Jack from Mass Effect!
    Harley Quinn from Injustice, concept art by Justin Murray who works for Vainglory now!

    facebook: facebook.com/JiaJem/
    twitter: twitter.com/Jia_Jem
    full gallery of projects: jiajem.com/gallery/

    Post 2 - skirt patterning
    Post 3 - foam crown and ears
    Post 4 - dress details
    Post 5 - top details
    Post 6 - Cape and The Brown Belt
    Post 7 - Book Part 1
    Post 8 - Book Part 2

    ON TO PROGRESS PICS. Here's her horns, I cut them out of pink installation foam. One broke. Oh well. Glued it and sanded it! Covered with paper mache and then Paper Clay, a brand of air drying clay. Then sanded. And patched. And sanded again. If anyone wants more detailed descriptions for anything let me know.
    Not the final paint job, working on that today.

    Also dyed the shoes and the fur for her cape blue using Idye Poly for Polyester, and sewed the bows for her shoes! I kind of expected the soles of the shoes to melt since they are a rubber-like material, but.... they didn't. They actually dyed blue, too. Science. Why can't I find cheap blue flats in the middle of summer?

    I'll be uploading more pics every day and checking this thread as I'm working on stuff. :D
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  12. taxitisamba

    taxitisamba River Troll

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  13. KuaTakeru

    KuaTakeru River Troll

    This thread will contain my (Kua Takeru) Fan Art ;)
    My English is little bad so I think this's an opportunity to improve it. Hope you guys help me :Bag

    Attached Files:

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  14. Nikhil21

    Nikhil21 Technologist

    Moderator Note: Every week we bring you one outstanding thread as your Thread of the Week. This time around, we thought this masterclass in detailed and constructive criticism fit the bill. Congratulations!

    With the recent release of talents, and lots of other things like removing a few free chests, lance skin set changing from old system to new with the same skin theme, selling skins with bundles or exclusively in chests for a week instead of allowing a direct purchase and many more things that have happened over the last few patches, I have become disillusioned with the was SEMC are handling the skin and reward system. This thread is meant to showcase how the skin system and events and rewards were vs how they are now.


    The sunlight system started off very well and merged with other variables like the daily chest and the summer party skins, with further levels offering cards which could be used to unlock sp skins. This included an end of season payout with more cards which gave most people atleast 1 skin for free, with another also free if you grinded enough and the third requiring a few more cards to be purchased. This was a progression that made sense.

    Now? The sunlight system sits redundant, no longer affecting the daily chest, all it offers is random rewards for levelling up and 3 rare keys. Theres the end of season reward too, payout depending on your level and while all these payouts may be a decent chunk of stuff when added up, the whole sunlight system makes barely any sense.


    What started off with an extremely promising model, with too many guilds reaching level 100 on season one, SEMC decided they didnt want to be giving out that much free ice and it shouldnt be so easy to reach higher levels. @idmonfish had monitered the increasing fame levels and we tried to set targets for individual members to reach level 70, but in the end it just became a straining grind. Sure many guilds still reach high levels and some pride themselves on reaching 100 every season but the number of guilds who get 90+ each season are very few. For guilds with moderate activity and less members guild payout is next to irrelevant.


    The fact that lance follows the new system and alpha the old system when both were a T3 of the same theme makes no sense. Common cards are now redundant but still pop up in chests all over, with all skins following the new system from now on. I have talked about the skin system many times before so I will just leave a few points:

    1> Unnecessarily complex and messy system, with a new 1 card system introduced to increase prices and nothing being done about the old system or common cards.

    2> No card boxes for this new system and complete radio silence from devs when asked about it and tagged on forums.

    3> Reduced drop rates for new system cards. I would like to add some emphasis here because people seem to keep missing this point. As an example lets take a new epic skin being released. There are 52 different epic cards and with the release of this new skin, 1 card is added to the total. While earlier a hero would have 2 cards being added to the total now it has only one, with the entire old set of skins having 2 cards in the total set giving them a clear higher drop chance.

    New system - 1/53 drop chance
    If old system - 2/54 drop chance

    Current chance of lance card on a random legendary drop, 1/46. This basically makes it impossible to even grind halfway to these new skins and requires spending lots of ice or essence.

    4> Progression system removed. Sure there are reasons which we all know but the feeling of unlocking a skin set from T1-T3 is completely lost.


    I'm not a heavy spender so this doesnt really affect me, but this is just a step in the wrong direction. I think this started from the petal skin which was mystery chest exclusive for a week or two, and has followed through to the the lance and alpha skins being paired up with talent coins for a week. Just sell them straight and stop wrapping them in deals. Keep them ice only and cant be crafted for a week or two cool, but dont force your deals and chests on people.

    Edit - Skins now available with talent coin, in mystery chest and à la carte which means direct purchase. On day one! Ice spenders rejoice! Source - 2.6 patchnotes.


    Removing the bottom chest to make space for the 1/3/7 day bonuses because there was no space elsewhere is a horrible reason. That added with the top chest making way for talents seemed good at first, but its almost always rare talents, and at one point I dont really want to be stocking up on more talent coins. What of the people who dont even want talents? They are now forced onto you at the expense of a chest. Having one quest chest left is kinda sad, even if I didnt focus on them much.

    Edit - Quests return along with the talent chest and win indicator in the same area.



    Double glory, triple glory, skin events where you could get a free skin or atleast get a few cards of a particular hero. Most of what we get now is deals, with the only recent event being the one for talent coins which had a deceptive placement making many people miss it, and quite frankly easy to miss if you arent looking for it.


    Talents were the last straw for me. A brilliant idea with so much potential reduced to crap with its progression system. First let me get the p2w aspect out of the way, I dont think they are p2w and I dont want to get into that discussion here. The 100 threads on talents flooding the forums in week one has been enough for me. I want to focus entirely on the level progression system and the costs.

    A new currency, talent coins were introduced in 2.5. I refer to this as a new currency because they can now be a part of any chest drop substituting a card/glory/essence. That seemed fine at the start though, until we got to know of the level system. 20 levels for rare, 10 levels for epic and 5 for legendary. Not only are these levels insignificant increases to stats, they are also redundant and had no reason to be added except to introduce a new structure the devs are moving towards, an infinite grind.

    From what I make of it, this is a structure that allows you to eventually grind out to maxing out selective areas while having no chance of getting far on the rest without lots of $$$. This started with the skaarf skins, giving nothing but different colors and selling them as separate skins, and an outrageous 1k opal price for golden skaarf. This model ensures you only get a portion of it by grinding or spending, and for collectors or people who want them all shell out $$$. Skurf bundle blue and green, red and yellow, oh and the best price skurf bundle with the gulden skurf only available here exclusive for even more ice.

    So now we have talents, with each level requiring more coins and a nice chunk of glory to upgrade. One level gives you a small stat increase, and thats about it. Over time people will end up with just a couple of stronger talents and find themselves inclined to be playing those most of the time, because isnt it fun reking everyone with that close to maxed out rare. A high level talent doesnt mean an easy win for sure, but its a small edge, more so if the other guy has a lower level talent or no talent at all (or a sucky one).

    For me this progression system completely missed the mark. How much better would it be to have levels affecting talents differently, like skurf getting 3 fireballs at level 10 and maybe 4 at 20. Gapcloser ranges increasing by a bit, celeste stun radius increasing (with a blindspot in the middle) the possibilities were endless. But all we get is a long hard grind with 1% and 2 % progression on random stats making me question whether the devs have forgotten how to make progression a meaningful experience. I mean who even looks forward to upgrading talents? Who even looks at the minute stats gained, I'm sure most people just go and tap to get rid of that green notification if they have the glory or ignore it.

    I for one have stopped upgrading talents completely and just buying a coin for a undiscovered talent now.

    I love vainglory and I think the devs have done a great job with other aspects of the game and balancing and normal games are fun except for the lingering issue of toxicity. However the progression system has been reduced to crap and its time things changed.

    Edit - Added opals based on feedback since its pretty relevant to the rest of the thread.

    Opals is something I had almost forgotten, but a few comments have made me remember how I felt about them when they came out. Opals were made for 1 purpose, a new currency which would be used exclusively for the purchase of LE/SE skins after they left the market. This happened a while after they announced that SE skins would be coming back to the market after promising they would never return. It's okay SEMC we have forgiven you for it, but they did face alot of backlash after the announcement.

    2 days later and things have calmed down, the skins are coming back but a recolor, the ones who bought the skin earlier get the recolor for free plus a badge to show they bought the OG skin. And to ensure the skins were not easy to buy or grind to so that they werent devalued further, opals came out with the word from devs being it would mean a long grind f2p and would take upto 5 seasons to unlock a skin like NS taka.

    This system had a few issues and currently here is where we stand. Opals are a very long grind from a free perspective, of course they shouldnt be easy to get but at current status grinding for 4-5 seasons for one NS taka or SM joule does not make the skin feel worth it, I mean I got 980 opals and I am an active player I'm just getting close to unlocking 2 top tier skins or
    1 skurf? The grind is too long and I lost sight of any goal, I'm just collected them.

    Not only have opals dried up in drops for free chests and other stuff, the only way to actually get opals is buying mystery chests. Which gives you opals and more if you hit a duplicate skin/hero. So for someone wanting to buy
    skurf, he first needs to buy chests with other stuff. If he's missing heros and skins he might get them randomly and not actually get more opals like he wants. More on this below.

    Also as idmon mentioned he has 1k opals and there hasnt been as SE/LE skin in a while, the only place to spend these opals is on a select section of skins which makes it a messy currency, brought in to serve a simple process but bringing many problems as well.

    Edit - Added conclusion on currencies and trading.


    I'll keep this short. Glory, ice, cards(two systems), essence, opals, coins. The currencies are increasing. The problem here is not the number of currencies, but the very way the payout system is structured. Some currencies can be traded like ice to glory, cards to essence and back. Others have further limiters like glory can only buy current box of cards in market with lots of commons then indirectly to essence. Or glory to talents based on what coin is in the market and a higher price per coin. Then even worse, some currencies need to be secured like opals, buying keys to mystery chests and opening them with a portion of the reward opals but the rest random and maybe value buys, but unwanted at times in case of wanting opals or getting a skin you didnt want. The trading between currencies is clearly not great value.

    The second problem of the entire system and a perfect point to sum up this edit is the way the reward system works because of these multiple currencies.

    Talent chest - Only talents (fixed forever?)
    Daily chest/Ouest chest - Talents, glory, 10 ice, essence, cards (opals? havent seen them recently)

    Edit - Opals back in daily chest
    Rare mystery - 35% chance of hero/skin plus opals and everything else
    Epic mystery - Guaranteed skin hero and duplicate gives 20 opals, can contain everything else

    The whole system gives you random rewards, and the trading between currencies is not good value. Some currencies cant even be traded like talent coins. This results in visually getting lots of rewards but actually ending up with short stacks of all these different currencies. Some unwanted, some unnecessary, and if they can be traded or destroyed a lower value at the end of the day.

    All these currencies meshed together is fine in a deal in the market, its optional 2 rare keys, one this one that, but not when its the only option to buy the skin like lance and a leg talent coin or opals and mystery chest.

    This thread is a collection of views I have picked up from the forum including my own, and I realize there are no solutions here but give us a response SEMC, tell us your ready for a system overhaul and we can bring up ideas to improve things. Your move

    Edit - Talent coins removed from mystery chests.
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  15. reaction

    reaction Gythian

    Just had 30 min to kill so did a speed paint portrait of Krul Krul.jpg
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  16. Vincitoria

    Vincitoria Vainglorian

    Article link: http://brokenmyth.net/codes-fold-unwritten-laws-vainglory/
    (Graphic by HipsterSkaarf)

    1. Every Ranked win gives 5 points of VST while every loss takes 10.
    2. Someone will always dodge when you draft the perfect comp in solo queue.
    3. If your team is about to capture the Kraken and either Glaive or Taka show up, they will steal it.
    4. The AFK and troll players are always on your team.
    5. You are 2x more likely to pocket a Legendary card for a Legendary skin you already own.
    6. If it looks like you have one more game to get to a new skill tier, it’s two — the first win will leave you needing one more point to advance.
    7. If by 15 minutes you have: Breaking Point, Barbed Needle, Travel Boots and Reflex Block on Blackfeather, you’ve already won.
    8. Ringo’s Legendary Skin makes you play 35% better.
    9. If your ally Ringo has a Legendary Skin you’re going to have a bad time.
    10. SAW’s Legendary Skin deals more damage than his other skins.
    11. Playing after reaching a new skill tier for the first time brings nothing but strife.
    12. A very short downtime maintenance is just two downtime maintenances in disguise.
    13. If a hero receives a skin in a new update, they have been touched.
    14. New heroes are always banned in draft.
    15. Missing a big minion causes you to miss more minions from the tilt of missing the big minion.
    16. The heroes with stealth abilities and wall jumps always want to backdoor.
    17. If you want tryhard matches, play Casual. If you want laid back matches, play Ranked.
    18. Pro players deal 25% more damage.
    19. If someone adds you after a loss, they are salty.
    20. Post-game party chat after a win is nothing but smiles and compliments all around.
    21. It’s not my fault I died, it’s the Captain’s fault.
    22. One person highlighting to Captain from the get go is rare and awesome. Two people highlighting Captain is almost unheard of, but quite disastrous.
    23. People always find it funny to exit to the lobby during a private Battle Royale when you get a fun hero.
    24. If your teammate gives you a Treant, they’re awesome and should be cherished.
    25. If someone doesn’t throw up a cheers ping at match start, that is automatically labelled as treason, and it should be assumed that they don’t want the team to succeed.
    26. Any ping your ally uses right after you die is toxic.
    27. In Battle Royale, they’re always in the top bush.
    28. Killing someone after they’ve shattered your Vain is a good way to reassert your dominance as the better player.
    29. If they aren’t taking Kraken, they are taking Kraken.
    30. “Just one more Blitz / BR..” usually means 3 more.
    31. The first game you play with a hero after unlocking a shiny new skin for them will be one of your worst matches on that hero yet.
    32. Actually getting the family comp in solo queue makes it 2x easier for you to bond with your teammates and build synergy.
    33. At around the 1 minute mark, all players are required to have a dance off by the Elder Treant. The best dancer earns the right to get the last hit.
    34. Hearing the announcer say “RARE” isn’t rare at all.
    35. Telling your Captain “We need vision” when they’ve placed lots of vision already is the fastest way to make another enemy.
    36. The talents you get from chests will be anything but the ones you wanted.
    37. If you have failed to pull an unreleased skin from their special chest even after multiple tries, rest assured all of your friends who tried got the skin in 1-5 tries.
    38. Getting competent Captains in solo queue is rare as Druid missing lane CS.
    39. Turrets somehow always leave your opponents with a sliver of health after they dive you, but whenever you do it never fails to eliminate.
    40. Are there a few heroes that you don’t play at all? You’re in luck! You’ll be sure to unlock their Legendary skin in your next Rare Mystery Chest.
    41. If a Legendary Talent shows up in your shop for the first time, it’s usually for a hero you don’t play, but it’s so rare and shiny that you’ll just have to get it with your extra Glory.
    42. People say it’s rude to kill an AFK player … until it’s a Ranked match. Then, all of a sudden it’s fair game.
    43. Solo queue teammates never want to surrender unless the enemies are at your Vain and about to close out the game.
    44. All Captains secretly judge their laners for missing a CS.
    45. If there is ever going to be at least one time where you lag during a match, it will be right after initiating on the enemies in a decisive teamfight.
    46. It’s okay to blame a loss on your device, your teammates, your internet, the draft, your parents, your spouse, your dog, your cat, the weather, or even Zekent — but never yourself.
    47. Off meta carries and supports are socially acceptable if they win. Rest assured though, if an off-meta pick happens to lose, the entire loss will be blamed on that pick, and nothing else.
    48. You’ll never find a more happy player than that one long time Twitch viewer getting randomly matched with their favourite streamer for the first time.
    49. Vainglorious Bronze can be divided into 4 demographics:
    The players who are there because they want to be competitive
    The players who want to be able to snipe pros and streamers
    Individuals that have friends who are really good at the game
    Those who are only there because they think the trophy looks nice and the name sounds cool (they are right)
    50. Developers are focused in all teamfights, no matter what, even if they are using a maxed out Raid Boss talent with Fountain and 7 Aegis.
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  17. Zelo

    Zelo Technologist

    Hi There fellow Vainglorian, I'll be posting all of my VG related art here and If I have free time I might take up a request.
    I'm not the best but Vainglory just inspires me so much to express my creative juices and here are the results. always check the first page as I will be updating this first post! hope you like it ;)

    all of my illustrations are created using
    • iPad Air
    • Pencil by FiftyThree
    • Sketchbook Pro by Autodesk
    • Procreate by Savage Interactive

    School President Taka concept and sketch by @Willie, colored by me
    Cosmo Princess Celeste Concept by @Willie
    Demonhunter Ringo Concept by @Willie colored by me
    Shirokage Taka : Path Of Vengeance

    Genderbend Popstar Taka

    Pixel Art

    Taka Pixel Art
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Shirokage Taka Pixel Art
    Catherine Pixel Art
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    Baewitch Celeste
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Ringo Pixel Art

    it would be awesome if you could leave a like :)

    Do you have any requests? Post it here and if you're lucky you might even see it :)
    You can check out my other art here at http://z3lo.deviantart.com
    Follow me on instagram https://www.instagram.com/mrz37o/
    You can also send me a PM if you are in need of my services.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2016
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  18. Anni

    Anni Undead

    Updated post 1.14 patch, 04/02/2016
    On 1.14, several changes were made not only to heroes but also to some items and most importantly, the jungle. This jungle change shifted the meta completely and made what we couldn't even imagine rise.

    Please support our team in the finals! https://goo.gl/hf0uOc
    Meta Tier
    Gold Miner.png Gold Miner [​IMG] Tired of being a slave, finally rebelled.
    + [Top Level Sustain] Enormous HP pool, coupled with very high sustained damage and decent attack speed.
    + [Reliable Ranged Damage] Reliable source of ranged damage from beginning to end of stay.
    + [Sweet Tooth] Minion Candy increases performance on titanic levels.
    - [End Game] No presence on the game after the fifteen minute mark.

    Minion Miner.png Minion Miner [​IMG] If the Gold Miner mines gold, does the Minion Miner mine minions?
    + [High Sustain] Great consistent damage, able to take down foes just as well as its stronger cousin.
    + [Ranged Damage] Reliable ranged damage from the fourth minute to the end of the match.
    + [Sweet Tooth] Minion Candy increases performance greatly.
    - [Positioning] Its lack of mobility is relevant due to his not so useful position in comparison with the Gold Miner.

    Back Creep.png Back Creep [​IMG] So this is what it's like to be the bully!
    + [Early-Mid Damage] Intense pressure on early-mid game, without giving the option to flee: No pain, no gain.
    + [Friendship Power] Always has an equally strong friend to support it by killing its foes.
    - [End Game, Tanky Opponents] Despite having a great value during the early game, tanks have no problem dealing with their damage output during later phases.
    - [Hulk] Banner can easily pierce through its defenses and deal high damage for low prices.

    Mid Tier
    Healing Creep.png Healing Creep [​IMG] Sparkles!! \(≧▽≦)/
    + [Early-Mid Damage] Intense pressure on early-mid game, without giving the option to flee: No pain, no gain.
    - [End Game, Tanky Opponents] Despite having a great value during the early game, tanks have no problem dealing with their damage output during later phases.
    - [Catherine] Stormguard B. can easily pierce through its defenses and deal high damage for low prices.
    - [Healing Powers] ... On the enemy.

    Shop Creep.png Shop Creep [​IMG] No longer just a prey.
    + [Friendship Power] Always has an equally strong friend to support it by killing its foes.
    - [End Game, Tanky Opponents] Despite having a great value during the early game, tanks have no problem dealing with their damage output during later phases.
    - [Kestrel] Stormguard B. can easily pierce through its defenses and deal high damage for low prices.
    - [Squishy] Dies easily even if the opponent isn't going for a specific counter item.

    Bottom Tier
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    + [Mobility] Can actually move through all the map freely.
    + [Scaling] Gets stronger and tankier as the game progresses.
    - [Squishy] Die within just a few hits, even when using barriers and defenses.
    - [Early Game] Detriment in many early damage trade-offs.
    - [High Dependance] Become potatoes if not with at least one ally to help tanking/dealing damage.
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  19. Xhaos

    Xhaos Technologist

    Thank you @Vincitore and @idmonfish for helping me make this thread!
    Disclaimer: Please treat this thread as a mere suggestion. Just consider this as a "visual brainstorm".

    I. Homescreen
    II. News Panel
    III. Quest Room

    This is a screenshot of Update 1.09 in my iPad I took last June 18, 2014.
    Clearly, it’s a huge contrast to what we currently have.

    It’ll be three years since I took that screenshot soon. It’s fascinating to see how much VG has grown since then. Because of all the new content, things can be a little hassle to navigate- which is why I appreciate our current home screen. You can say it’s cluttered, but you can’t deny that it’s convenient. I also admire the simplicity that the old home screen provided. So basically, this thread is an attempt to achieve the Best of Both Worlds ™®:oldskoolPartyThis is just how I personally would like to see the home-screen.



    1. Splashart Background – This visualization was centered around the premise of showing off SEMC’s bbyootifull splashart. Nothing else to say here. Additional note: I was going to go with SAW’s Elite Force skin, but I liked this BF skin better. (I just realized something as I typed this. SHUSH, you perv!) Say "Force Skin" a couple of times lmao Im mature haha hahhaaaahha111

    2. Rank Box – The former screen showed off the Sunlight level and amount. It was convenient in a way that I knew my Sunlight level progress almost all the time; but in my opinion, rank is more relevant to show than sunlight. You can see this at the bottom-left corner of the screen. There are faint outlines on it to indicate its expandability.


    3. Expanded Information – Tapping on the “Rank Box” shows you an array of valuable information:
    -Guild Tag
    -Boosts (someone got lazy in finding different icons, so pls d0nt fl@me me)
    -ICE + Glory
    -Daily Wins thingy (I don’t know its official name ooops)
    -Sunlight-related Information

    4. Vainglory’s Name – It’s not as necessary, but it feels welcoming for me.

    I wanted a Panel that delivered news without being too intrusive of screen space.

    There will be an enlarged version of the News Trumpet in the upper-left corner of the screen. When you have “unread” News, a panel will appear right beside it whenever you enter the home screen. Perhaps if you have 5 unread news (like the example above), you can scroll sideways through them. Scrolling through all your news will stop the panel from appearing automatically whenever you enter the screen. So, when a panel appears in your home, It’s Definitely New News™®™®. Having read your New News ®, the trumpet stops glowing and no longer does it show a number beside.

    If you were wondering where Quests have gone (If you weren’t wondering.... uh idk- you should be), here they are! The room is divided into three (ignore “Badges/Titels”):

    1. Quests – This section is where Daily Quests and Regular Quests reside.
    2. Veteran – This section is where Long-term, grindy Quests are.
    3. Completed – All your completed quests belong here.


    The Quest Room features 3 daily quests, and X number of regular quests. At the top are the Daily Quests that follow of theme of “just simply playing”. Since there’s a chest that gives out Talents, I wanted a chest that caters to skins as well; perhaps it gives a bunch of essence, cards, and opals. This gives the opportunity for Opals to actually be grindable (not sure if it isn't though). The 3rd chest is unknown, hence the “?” I just really wanted three Daily Quests.


    Pressing a Quest enables you to see a more detailed description of the Quest. You can see the completion’s percentage and rewards. This time, quests are both RNG and "fixed". A quest can give a specific amount of glory and essence, while still having an RNG aspect.


    The Veteran Quests. Hi, Reim. Bye, Lyra- you aren’t D A D D Y enough to be the spotlight of Veteran Quests. These are basically the grindy, long-term tasks that both Veterans and sKrUbZ can participate in! The rewards must be something really grind-worthy (Opals & ICE perhaps?). The quests that I wanted to show weren’t possible because Google Images can only provide so much. Have a Petal reference OG players understand and an Ozo goof instead. (Oh when seeds could heal without exploding them~)


    All your completed quests appear here. You also get to see when you completed them. After years of grinding, you can go back to this room and say to yourself, “wow I accomplished so much in life my parents must be so proud of me what a bright future do I have ahead of me!!”

    I really believe that Quests can bring a whole ‘nother level of grind-y fun to Vainglory. It gives players an incentive to play aside from ranking. Casual players who don’t have the time to rank have something to slowly grind for! It also increases the F2P element to the game. Someone can definitely expound on this better. #I A I N ' T N O W R I T E R. It certainly does increase the circulation of money supply in-game, which is a problem I guess? IDK am not an ec0n0misist either!

    That pretty much concludes this thread! I hope you guys like this suggestion!
    Link to Vincitore's Quest Room thread : http://forums.vainglorygame.com/index.php?threads/131749/

    I have more ancestral screenshots of VG in my iPad. I’ll place ‘em in the spoiler below. The oldest screenshot dates back to June, 2014. The old match screen is there as well. Check em’ out if you like.

    Yeah. Keep Petal in Lane, guys. Also, the healing aura though </3. You will be missed. I also appreciate Ringo's name here.
    If you wonder who took the names "SoulBreaker" and "doomsday", here you have 'em.

    W0W I love this Krul build!

    "PHOEBE" is taken here too. And OG Ironguard Contract <3
    Sorry if those were boring. True entertainment lies in my Vox threads! #shamelessplug
    Also, if you want "leak" versions of these just for the lols and the keks, just say so!

    :oldskoolRoflThanks for taking your time and reading this thread!:oldskoolParty
    Once again, thanks @Vincitore and @idmonfish!
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  20. Hybrider

    Hybrider Technologist

    Well heres a compilation of my old drawings:


    Joule being sexy and stuff



    Stormguard koshka skin

    Vainglory comic

    Garou the Yojimbo
    Vainglory hero concept

    Taka skin concept (unfinished)

    Saw unmasked
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