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The Vainglory Forums are closing

Discussion in 'Announcements & Status' started by mejlis, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. ᗟʘᗰʘ

    ᗟʘᗰʘ Technologist

    The End is Nearing!!!
    but this is not the end. I will continue my legacy on the official Reddit. For those who will follow me, these are the links for the Reddit and my profile.
    Do not be discouraged by my lack of purple I can assure you it's still all me :)
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  2. Blaizeus

    Blaizeus Carnie

    or just go to the community forums
  3. HipsterSkaarf

    HipsterSkaarf Community Moderator

    yup - you'll find us at vgforums.net
  4. ᗟʘᗰʘ

    ᗟʘᗰʘ Technologist

    Tried it out, looks like I still lose my purple and the layout + content is a downgrade :(

    Reddit has:

    • Previewing of threads, so you don't have to waste time opening threads. (You can even see the videos)
    • Condensing of comments so all comments on a post are in their own mini threads that you can collapse.
    • Simple navigation and you have the ability to save tabs to your dashboard.
    • Replies go to your inbox and you can see the entire context of the conversation on one screen.
    • Up-to-date news
    • Extensions for your browser.
    It just makes things so much easier to track threads, without the clutter of categories and rampant vague titles. Also, the salt mine is r/Ventglory so we don't have to deal with player saltiness over there.
  5. HipsterSkaarf

    HipsterSkaarf Community Moderator

    Fair enough! But for what it's worth, all those things have correlates on Discourse (the software we're using). You can view reply chains, bookmark threads, have alerts sent to you (in-forum or email), and the chronological view makes checking threads over multiple days much easier, imo. And content doesn't drop off the main page as easily. Our search functions are better too ;) ... We can also set the Salt Mine to an opt-in scenario, if enough people want it, the way we've done with Off-Topic. That way you don't have to see that stuff in the latest content if you don't want to. But no worries! I use reddit also, so maybe I'll see you there too! :)
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  6. Airalin

    Airalin Stormguard

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