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Forumer contact information thread

Discussion in 'General' started by Skieblu, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. deathpasito

    deathpasito Carnie

    IGN: jerryfishhh; deathpasito; saltesers
    Email: ssjincalpha@gmail.com
    Server: all SEA
    AOE IGN: Saltesers
    Student number: 45362950
    Discord: Saltesers#7021
    ML:BB IGN: jerryfish; deathpasito
    Bank account no.: 29181104
    WR IGN: [TSR] Saltesers
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  2. Perfold

    Perfold Elder

    IGN: Perfold, Incompuncher
    Server: SEA
    Discord: Perfold#8702
    Reddit: u/perfold7
  3. Leohert123

    Leohert123 Gythian

    Nobody knows who I am but meh
    Am in Semf
  4. Modafar

    Modafar Elder

    Modafar, EU
    Will probably be one of the refugees heading to Reddit
    Also thinking of downloading discord to check out the new group if all goes well
  5. Mariuthus

    Mariuthus Technologist

    Vainglory Ign: EnviarDesnudos (Will be active once 5v5 comes out)
    AOV Ign: MyNiggaPony (was testing if they censor names but they don't. Am currently pretty active, aiming to reach diamond by next week, should be ez. I play mainly Batman, Yorn, Arthur, Maloch, Arduin and Mganga)
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  6. Xaldarian

    Xaldarian Stormguard

    Xaldarian is my IGN.
    Face reveal lol.
  7. NewLeaves

    NewLeaves Technologist

    Discord is DoomHam#5304, and that's pretty much it.
  8. Vincitoria

    Vincitoria Vainglorian

    Igns: Vincentina (SA, dormant) Vincitoria (EU, I check in occasionally) YunaIesca (SEA, used occasionally) Vincitore (NA, main)
    Twitter: @VincitoreVG
    Reddit: u/Vincitore_VG
    Discord: Vinsierra#8753
  9. slashingwinds

    slashingwinds Mageborn

    IGN: slashingwinds
    Region: SEA
    I have other accounts in most of the other servers but they’re basically unused.
    Discord: Ilsa Love Me#8790

    I’ll be updating my other stuff soon. I didn’t plan on posting this but public discords aren’t my cup of tea it seems.
  10. Jeremydreamer17

    Jeremydreamer17 Community Moderator

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  11. Bayou

    Bayou Stormguard

    IGN: Bayou
    Server: NA
    Reddit: Bayou_vg
    Discord: Bayou #7914 (I almost never use discord)
  12. Prodigy955

    Prodigy955 Carnie

    DarkIntent, NA
    Yes, DarkIntent#9955
    Yes, /u/Prodigy955
    I am usually watching some twitch streamer and chatting it up. I also have a YT channel that i rarely post video's on lol.
    Im not on much either than my own guild. (Arcane Genesis)
  13. doogeee

    doogeee Elder

    IGN warriorofnight SEA
    Twitter: @alxcrg06
    Discord: W1RR10R0FN1GHT#0407
  14. PinkiePie

    PinkiePie Vainglorian

  15. Affiance

    Affiance Mageborn

    you can find me in hell
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  16. Skieblu

    Skieblu Technologist

    I just added everyone in NA, just look out for a friend request from Skieblu.

    If you want to add people from the forums, I would suggest doing it sooner rather than later.
  17. klemnec

    klemnec Community Moderator

    Everyone can find me on our community forums as klemnec, same thing in game (Europe).

    In terms of discord, I’m on SMEF and some other servers which means it’s really not hard to find me.

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