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Hero Suggestions General List

Discussion in 'Fan Creations and Vainglory Lore' started by Kuraido, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. Ghav

    Ghav Gythian

  2. MacAulay

    MacAulay Carnie

    You said there's no Sleep mechanism, but what about Samuel?
  3. MacAulay

    MacAulay Carnie

  4. Nature's Fury Petal

    Nature's Fury Petal Meekos

    Another Hero Idea from me
    Her name is "Evergreen" a mage that harness the power of nature to defeat her foes.
    Health: 671-2112 Armor: 20-50
    Energy:400-753 Shield: 20-50
    Weapon:60-125 Range: 6
    Atk Speed:100%-120% Movement Speed: 3.1

    Role: Carry
    Offenese: 8/10

    Every 20s Evergreen simultaneously heals when she casts a skill with a cap of 300-400 but if she take a damage at any source this stops the perk. If her health is full, increases her movement speed for 4s.

    First Ability:
    Leaf Cross Bow
    Evergreen continuously shoots bladed leafs that pierces through the target and leaves the blades when it expires, she can then recast it and move it to another location.
    *Can only be recasted 3 times.
    *Recasted blades deals less damage.
    "Taking the overdrive of this ability will remove the 2nd cooldown when she casted it.

    Second Ability:
    Vamp Vine
    Plants a carnivorous plant that attacks the nearest or Evergreen's target. Maximum of 2 plants.
    *Half of the damage dealt by the vines will heal Evergreen.
    *Additionally when leaf Cross bow is active Vamp Vines attack in range.
    *Overdriving this ability will grant an extra plant maximum of 3 plants.

    Evergreen channels for 0.8s after that enters defensive state for 8-10s, minimizing damage she receives also automatically spawns 5 ranged Vamp Vines around her but she'll be unable to move, attack and use her A.
    *Evergreen can still cast her B if she lose a plant maximum of 5 plants.

    I still dont have any idea for her lore, I'll think about it.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2018
  5. MacAulay

    MacAulay Carnie

    I like it. I don't quite understand whether Evergreen is able to move while her ult is active (after the charge time I mean) or not, could you explain?
    I'd also change her passive to activate more frequently, maybe somewhere around every 9 seconds, but also have a much smaller heal. maybe that would make it a little too much like Samuel's though.
  6. Nature's Fury Petal

    Nature's Fury Petal Meekos

    I forgot to add it, Evergreen will not move for 8-10s because she transformed into a flower. And btw her passive I changed it too to every 20s she heals herself simultaneously not instantly.

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