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Hero Suggestions General List

Discussion in 'Fan Creations and Vainglory Lore' started by Kuraido, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. CheeseTofu

    CheeseTofu River Troll

    True true but I don't think heroes like those I mentions will not come out soon in vainglory
  2. Mudlay

    Mudlay River Troll

    I´ve got the Idea by Looking at the storguard winter Skins.

    The Heros name is Major Snow

    He once was one of the Top Stormguards but was sent to a mission to fight against "Monsters" that Invaded the Quees teretory.
    Snow was killed during that mission. But Somehow he got resurrected. He still had his Storm guard uniform, sure she got some holes but he didnt feel any cold even though it was deep winter. He Went do a River and he couldn´t believe what he saw. No one of his squad survieved he was the only one who somehow did it through all of this. At the river he took of his clothes and washed his wounds. Just a moment later he felt a knife in his back, he turned around an saw one of the "Monsters". The "Monster" steped back an said: "How are u able to walk ?!?" Snow Answered: "I dont know but it fells like you wont walk anywere anymore."
    He felt strong so strong but were did this feeling come? He walked to the "Monster" an suddently 4 arms showed up out of nowhere. No to be exact they showed up out of his back, he saw them clearly but the "Monster" were able to just barely see them. The four hands grabed the "Monster" up in the Air even though it was About 2m high. Snow walked to the "Monster" and said : "Nah I wont kill u but the Last thing you will ever see will be me, these Arms, and SNOW". Snow took the Eyes of the "Monster" and walked back to the River, still the knife in his back. He took the knife out of his back with one of the arms : " Just to horner u to encounter me alone ill Keep this." He looked at his mirrored self in the River "Guess that old lady really didnt want me to die, just wait my Lady i will come back. Thanks to there arms it wont need long. And that new design also looks pretty nice" All over Snows Body were charms to turn him into a Monster that could defeat any other Monster. He turnt back to normal, put on his clothes, took his basque cap and the Knife from the "Monster".
    "Now, shall we Begin again my little puppys?"

    "I see u know now how to use it, fine dont waste to much time playing ur games.."

    I hope u like the idea of his Backstory but nw to his Abilities :

    Passive (I): Snow only gets 90% of def. also hif cp rate is lowered. his Wp rate is up. if hes in ultimate form this passive still wil be working
    Passive (II): In His Ultimate form Snow has 4 barly seeable Arms out of his back which can attack long range. His attack speed, movment speed and attack damadge is increased, but his defense will lose 18%. While in Ultimate form his abilitys will change. All of his changed abilitys wont need Energy while in Enchanted Modus his short range attacks will attack 15% faster,

    A: Passive: the Champ with the most kills of the enemy will be marked. Snow deals 19% more dmg. to a marked champion.
    Aktive: Snow Charges to a Marked enemy and jumps in his direktion do hit deal dmg. and slow the hited champ
    A (II): While in Ultimate form his arms will hit the current enemy he is facing four times. each arm will deal 30% of his Wp
    B: Snow hits his current enemy faceing 3 time after jumping right behind it.
    B(II): All of his amrs will charge in one direction dealing dmg. on there way and rooting the first chamion hit. if he hit an enemy his arms will pull him to the rooted enemy and dealing 120% Wp dmg. after hitting the enemy his jumps a little back. the htted enemy will be bleading
    C: He transformes into an enchanted Human beeing with 4 extra arms which have a 3 times range than his auto attack(Dont know how to discribe it they can attack on a range nearly to kestrels) his transformation will be avaleble on lv. 1
    C(II): He transformes Back to normal with a blast around himself dealing 105% WP and slowing hitted enemys, while in Enchanted modus he gains 14% dmg. dealt as health.

    Thats my idea for anew champion PLEASE excuse my bad English :D
    Hope u like it and tell me what u think about it, realy spend hours on this hahah
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  3. DmitriZoom

    DmitriZoom Meekos

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  4. TheDarkestWisp

    TheDarkestWisp Meekos

  5. TheDarkestWisp

    TheDarkestWisp Meekos

  6. Mudlay

    Mudlay River Troll

    Lol Idris shows some similarities to my champ haha
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  7. BoltXavier

    BoltXavier Elder

    You forgot to put alpha as as a construct there.
  8. TheGlassTissue

    TheGlassTissue Minion

    Hey Community i wanted to tell u that it's not fair that u change kestrel abilities in 2.1 cause what makes her good is his pierce I only chose her cause when I'm using glimmer shot it pierce and it's like 1 of 10 hero abilities that have that u can lower the pierce but u can't remove it it's important

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  9. Cloudex

    Cloudex Stormguard

    Well it's also not fair that one get piercing without any items. You still have Broken Myth which also stack crystal damage. So I don't really see where is the problem.
  10. NetherResonant

    NetherResonant Technologist

    "Hey guys, can we bring the thing back that made Kestrel a pick or ban hero because the only way to survive more than 2 or 3 hits was to be a support?" It was important that they removed it solely for the fact that the damage output it was capable of was ludicrous.

    Also, this is the wrong thread to be posting this. This is more a thread for Hero Suggestions, like, fan created heroes. Not balance issues.
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  11. Burns100

    Burns100 Meekos

    Byte, The Void Wolf
    Melee, Jungle
    The Void Wolf
    Classic Byte
    Inferno Byte (R)
    Inferno Byte (E)
    Inferno Byte (L)
    How he looks:
    Purple-grey wolf becuz of half void corruption.
    One left eye purple with a purple void scar. Right eye normal wolf eye.

    Void fur form:
    Both eyes purple
    Larger claws
    Bigger in size full purple in color

    Passive Void Energy:
    Byte doesn't use Mana or energy but uses Void energy. Void energy cap is 100. And only increases by using abilities. 20 energy per ability used. Void energy is used for his Ultimate only. 100/90/80/70/60/50/40/30/20/10% void energy deals 10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1% more dmg to kraken and gold mines.

    A Void grasp:
    Cooldown: 5/5/4/4/3
    Byte enhances his claws with his void power and slams the enemies in front of him. If there is two or more enemies in the slam it roots and dmgs with crystal power.

    Void Fur form: Stuns the enemies once they get slammed.

    B Void Aura:
    Cooldown: 8/8/7/7/6
    Byte makes a void aura around him that dmgs nearby enemies with crystal power continously for 3 seconds and that void aura allows Byte to gain extra movement speed. After 3 seconds it explodes and deals more crystal power, slows the enemies around him for 1.5 seconds and loses the extra movement speed. Void Aura can be exploded early when reactivated after a 1.5 seconds cooldown.

    Void Fur form: Void Aura becomes bigger and and when it explodes, it knocks backs enemies and slows them for 1.5 seconds. If the knocked back enemy hits the wall, it will stun them for one second and the slow will be applied only after they are free from the stun.

    ULT Void Fur:
    No Cooldown, only ability can be used at 100% void energy.
    Only at 100 Void energy Byte is able to transform into his Void Fur form. Once actives Byte allows the void to flow through his body and grows in sizes, gains extra health, extra armor and magic resist and extra crystal power. Void Fur enhances By'te's abilities. By'te can change back to his normal form at anytime by pressing R again and will have a 2 second cooldown. Another 2 seconds cooldown after he changes to Void fur form. Void Fur consumes 5 void energy per second and adds 5 void energy if Byte kills an enemy, kraken and gold mine. Byte basic atk changes into a void beam that he will shoot out from in mouth and in his atk range increases a little. The beam does continuous crystal power overtime.

    Byte was a normal wolf living in the forest and then something attracted him and he followed the purple light and it consumed him down to the underworld. Where he saw many evil spirits and he heard about different storied about people getting consumed and being evill staying in this weird world for the rest of their life. But Byte was different he had this intention to resist and fight back against void energy. Once he could control the void, he allowed the void to flow through him and he fought the other creatures of the void. He slashed them and made a portal out of the underworld and into the open returning back to his normal form but looking void like. Fortress and Byte have known each other since they were young and lost contact after Byte was taken into the void. Now Byte adapted in and void and the above world, he protects the outside world from the void and seeks to find fortress to reunite and fight.

    Email me if u wanna know more: nidheesh2002@gmail.com
  12. Skaarf The Vehement

    Skaarf The Vehement Meekos

    I made my own hero in a document that I'd like for you to see

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  13. Alumniknight

    Alumniknight Stormguard

    this is your hero? this is what in the file or did i just download a virus?
    Screenshot (80).png
  14. Skaarf The Vehement

    Skaarf The Vehement Meekos

    I opened it up on Word
  15. Alumniknight

    Alumniknight Stormguard

    tried openin in word but its still the same lol
  16. Skaarf The Vehement

    Skaarf The Vehement Meekos

    Aww man, I'll just type it up instead then
  17. Skaarf The Vehement

    Skaarf The Vehement Meekos

    Name: Core
    Role: Warrior
    Position: Jungler
    Heroic Perk: One With The Shadows:
    Core can see through bushes in a wide radius around himself and can spot enemy heros and mines inside them. Additionally, if Core enters a brush with an enemy hero inside, or if an enemy enters a brush Core is currently in, the enemy will be rooted for 1.3 seconds. (Only once while in bush) Heroic Perk activates again once Core and the enemy hero leaves and enters a brush again.

    A Ability - Hell’s Mercy: Core stretches his bladed arm to the targeted location dealing damage and slightly slowing the first enemy hero it reaches. Core is granted 10% fortified health every 4 basic attacks on the struck hero.

    B Ability - Screeching Wrath: Core quickly inhales and screeches in a large cone shaped area in front of himself for 1 second boosting nearby ally attack speed and damaging and deranging all enemy heros control of direction for 2 seconds when hit.

    C Ability (Ult) - Possession: Core pauses for a second and jumps onto a chosen enemy hero and entitles control over them for 5 seconds before jumping out with a burst of dark pulse that surrounds the enemy hero in a wide radius around them boosting nearby ally attack and attack speed for 3 seconds. Possessing an enemy hero allows you to attack and use the abilities of the chosen hero for the benefit of Core. All used enemy abilities cool down reduced by 2/3.

    I imagine the lore being about a black teenage young man (about 17 years old) that works as a bounty hunter for various people and collects gold to get himself around. It goes a bit like this:

    One day, he crosses paths with an old witch that offers him a job in exchange for an incredible amount of gold and fortune. She orders him to infiltrate the Storm Queen’s castle and retrieve a dark black egg. He sneaks into the castle and miraculously survives and escapes the forces when he is attacked. He meets the witch again for her to become furious about his failure and curses him so that his shadow engulfs him. He quickly figures out that he has incredible abilities, yet when he threatens the old woman for his fortune she informs that she had none for him in the first place. Enraged, he attempts to strike down the witch but becomes paralyzed due to the witch’s curse to which she is unable to be affected by his newfound power or any of his attacks. She tells him: “ You can only remove this curse as soon as you slay the one that heart burns as much as yours will.” Unable to find any sense in what was just informed, including feeling no pain and possessing impressive strength, he left to find another job with his new abilities. Soon, he did feel his heart start to ache, it would get worse and even worse after time passed. As he wanders, trying not to mind the immense pain and find a new job to fulfill, he hears of a man with colossal sword through his chest, lurking the Halcyon Fold. Sounding a lot like that pain he needed to look for, he searched for the place the undead man was located to break the spell and kill that damned witch.
    I can't really draw so I used an image online and edited it so it could look more like Core: sketch-1513484868636.png His left arm is supposed to be a blade but i'm not good at editing either.
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  18. AlienWasHere

    AlienWasHere Meekos

  19. Nature's Fury Petal

    Nature's Fury Petal Meekos

    I have a hero idea too his name is "Phibia"

    Phibia is a creature that came from intergalactic planets, he has great mobility and poking and can camouflage if it doesn't move.
    He looks like a lizard, has a big gray eye, crystal shard tail, and glowing claws, belly, and scales with different vibrant colors. He's small as petal without the flower throne has a big head also a mouth that shoots shards with four frontal teeths if he transformed in to his ult he gets larger almost like a kraken, stands only on two feet, grows spines along his back that glows different colors and eyes fiendishly glows red. If he's in normal form Phibia is agile, poking is a easy cookie with using Phibia but he's extremely fragile while in normal form but beware of his ult that devastatively bursts out with his giant reptilian form and instantly regains armor and extra damage.

    Role: Jungler
    Offense: 7/10

    Perk: Camouflage
    If Phibia didn't move for 2.5s he will gain invisibility, if Phibia moves, receives damage or attacks this stops the perk. Also after he became invisible his next basic attack will carry an extra damage cooldown for this perk is 15s.

    A : Poison Arrow
    Phibia replaces his basic attacks with arrows that poisons enemies within 8-9s that deals crystal damage for 1.2s. The poison will stack up if more arrows were dealt.
    * Phibia's attacks speed will be reduced if activated.
    *Reactivate this again to go back to normal basic attacks.
    *If Ult is activated Phibia hurls rain of arrows on a targeted location slowing them but don't even poisons them.

    B : Whip lash
    Active: Phibia will lash an enemy in front of him stunning and gaining extra movement speed for 2s if Phibia successfully killed a hero within 2s whiplash's cooldown will be reset.
    Passive: Basic attacks generate crystal shards that stack up to 5 times upon activation of whiplash deals heavy damage if stacked up to 5.
    *Phibia needs to complete 5 stacks to apply crystal shards to deal heavy damage.
    * If Ult is activated whiplash shoves enemies but deals less damage yet extra movement speed is removed.

    Ult: Survival of the fittest
    After gathering power for 0.5s transforms into a monstrous form within 12-15s, nearby enemies will receive damage and slow, Phibia has reduced movement speed and attack speed but deals huge damage and basic attacks slows them also gaining extra armor and shield while activated.
    *Phibia simultaneously heals while in Ult form but has a cap of 800-950 health.

    The lore will take place in a vast celestial planets, a big red star, Oridon, that starts to explode because a mage is using the stars to rapidly age and extraterrestrial civilization is threatened, they abruptly tried to escape the explosion but only one life form survived, Phibia managed to flew the ship safely, then crashed into a planet he then sense signals that signifies the Mage who uses stars to rapidly age and plans to revenge for the sake of his destroyed planet.

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    Last edited: Jan 18, 2018
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  20. MacAulay

    MacAulay Carnie

    Damn some of these are cool. I really like V.A.I.N, and Dr. Grace, and Tic & Tac. I've yet to go through them all, but those are my favourites so far.

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