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Dutch/German Guild searchs for new members

Discussion in 'Gildes' started by Jaeger1996, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Jaeger1996

    Jaeger1996 Meekos

    The guild Shatt3rglass needs new members.If u need a competitive eSport Guild then join us...most members of our guild were members in the guild of G2 eSports so we bring lots of experience with us

    We need people with:
    -Skill tier hotness or above
    -People who have Discord/Whatsapp

    Leader IGN
    mehmetboy070 (Dutch)
    Demonrider (German)
    rudisgsmer (German)

    See ya in the Halcyon Fold
  2. Chriszle

    Chriszle Community Moderator

    Waitt, BestCelesteEU is German?/Dutch?
  3. Jaeger1996

    Jaeger1996 Meekos

    Why u ask?

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